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Why won’t they Opt-in? You Need Money!

Why won’t they Opt-in?  You Need Money!

Why won’t they Opt-in? Have you ever asked that Question?

Honestly, everyone asks himself or herself that Question! The truth is that they must opt-in to get on your list so you can build what?

  1. ______________.
  2. ______________.
  3. ______________.

I will give you my answers later… but for now you give me yours!

Email them to daveshirleyconsulting@gmail.com

You see, capturing the lead or the Client is one of the Top Priorities in Business.

I was talking to a business owner the other day about expanding his customer Outreach and Acquisition.

My Friend owns a Carpet Store and routinely has sales on Carpet.

So I was talking to him about his Sales Funnel. (He did not have one)

Normally he just meets customers as they come into the Store… and shows them the Carpet he has available and answers their questions.

Sounds routine right?

But lets make a Marketing funnel out of this process to increase customers and ultimately Sales.

Project: Carpet Store Sales

Step 1: Develop a cannot Resist give away! Something like a I-Pad Mini!

Step 2: Have everyone that comes in the door fill out for the free drawing for the I-pad.

Set up a used computer to capture this data… and subscribe to Aweber for this process.

Step 3: In Aweber, create a list, and a form.

On the form make the headline read “Register Here For I-Pad Drawing”

Collect:  Customer Name, Email Address, Phone Number

Ask these Questions…

  • What item was of interest to you during your visit?
  • What time frame are you looking to make your Purchase?
  • Would you be interested in being notified when we Place Items on Clearance?
  • Do you have any suggestions that might make your shopping Experience Better?

Then Submit

Now we have the exact information needed to respond to them by email or phone in the future.

We can mark down the price of the item they are looking at…

We can send them our monthly Sale newsletter

We can send them a Thank you for their Visit to our Store.

The list of options is only limited by Imagination…

Now we have turned a Brick and Mortar, business into a Email Marketing Business Also!

Don’t you think customers might come back an buy $15,000 in Carpet if you offered them 10% off and Free installation…

You can do that by email… if you capture their Information

One easy way you can do that is by using Mits Pages!

It’s Easy, Highly Effective and Affordable!

Expand your Lead Capture to Include Mits Pages… and Increase your Sales!

Click here to Learn More>> http://mitspages.com/mits/dshirley


To Your Success!

Dave Shirley

PS… Most People don’t Opt-in due to Congruency… That means your Add and Capture page Must be Congruent!

Second reason is that it must be Compelling… You must give them every reason to Opt-in and No reason not to!

My Answers to the Questions are: Know, Like, and Trust

PSS… Who am I and How did I learn Marketing?  Well Read My Story>> http://SuccessRequest.com



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