What Is A Lack Of Confidence

Are You Living Without Confidence?

SuperBanner_151218074334There are many Drawbacks to Living with a Lack of confidence not least of which is that you’re not getting the most out of life. Understand how living without confidence can lead to missed opportunities, damaged relationships, and invulnerability to stress.

If you’re a business man or woman and you are faced with overwhelming responsibilities then is highly likely from time to time that you may deal with confidence issues, but rest assured you’re not alone. Thousands of people each and every day struggle with low self confidence. However, Confidencerelax, by studying this material, you can go on to accomplish all your hopes and dreams.

Lack of the confidence, playing it safe

Without confidence to handle problems, the tendency is to avoid risk and challenges: challenges from giving a speech at a friend’s wedding, to asking the boss for a raise, to taking a training course to learn new skill.

Do you feel this pain in your life? The pain of living and trying to improve with a lack of confidence.

Other people may start to view you as timid and fearful, and even avoid offering you opportunities. You may be thinking why should they have confidence in my ability to tackle something if I clearly do not have confidence in myself.

Simply put, when people view you in this way, they become more protective and you may start to get use to this attentiveness and begin relating to them and almost a childlike way. This can make it extremely difficult for other people to view you as a responsible leader.

Today we’re going to focus on the belief that you can develop a positive can do attitude, and instead of saying why, lets get into the habit of saying why not.

Positive self-talk to boost confidence

Try this exercise every day. Repeat the following positive message to yourself to help build your own self belief.

I am much tougher than people think I am.

I am more than capable of handling the situation.

It is not what happens to me, but how I handle it that determines my emotional well-being.

Fact is people who lack self confidence may be passive and allow others to take control. In order to build confidence you need to take responsibility and take action yourself. This may require you to stand up and take charge when inside you make feel like letting someone else take over.

How a lack of self confidence can spoil relationships

A lack of confidence can damage relationships because people with little confidence feel envious and resentful of their confident friends, family, colleagues, and even business partners. Making harsh comparisons is unrealistic and leads to disappointment.

Instead of resenting confident people, realize what you can learn from them them.  Then ask yourself can I behave in a similar way?


Accept that your confidence maybe Low sometimes, but don’t let this damage your positive self-esteem.

Never ever, put yourself down. Everyone lacks confidence sometimes.

A lack of self confidence leads to increases in stress

Fact is low self esteem, and frequent feelings of timidness, lower resistance and the immune system, increasing both physical and psychological vulnerability to the effects of stress. Without confidence, you may feel uneasiness because you feel you like you do not have the resources to cope.

You may even start to behave in a way that ensures and negative outcome, like the person who predicts they will fail an exam, and then leave studying until the last moment, so that at least they feel that they have been right about something.

If you lack confidence here is some suggestions

Things to do:

Remember that you are a fallible human being, and that even super  confident people make mistakes.

Remember to think about what you have managed to do rather than what you believe you should have been doing.

Remember to appreciate the good qualities you have and your strengths.

Things to avoid:

Above all else avoid blaming others for your lack of confidence, whatever has happened in the past, you are responsible for yourself.

Avoid feeling sorry for yourself, or acting like a victim, and look at how to change your behavior.

Avoid focusing on any of your bad points.

Action Items:

1. Tap into the confidence you were born with.

2. Know your strengths and weaknesses.

3. Expect success.

4. Trust your capabilities.

5. Embrace the unknown.

6. Take risks.

7. Learn to receive praise.

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