US Economy Projected To Fail

Having Optimism In An Economy Projected To Fail

How can you be optimistic in today’s economy? From a recent report I read, the Federal Reserve announced it was raising the range of the federal funds rate, which along with inflation, may be setting the stage for a stock market correction in 2016.

What will the stock market correction look like?

How will it affect you?

The truth is, no one knows for sure, but the fact is that inflation is running at a much higher rate than what’s been reported, and the rising interest rates will just cut into the customer spending, and undermining already fragile US economy and  stock market.

What you may not know about consumer spending in the economy

Interest rates, in particular rising interest rates, have an adverse affect on consumer spending.  As interest rates continue to rise, typically consumer spending continues to fall. Situations like this is not a good indicator of the economy of a nation that according to reports gets more than 70% of its gross domestic product from none other than consumer spending.

On the surface right now, it may appear that inflation is in check, but according to reports, that is because the median wages are flat. Unfortunately others know that inflation is running much higher than what’s being reported and more interest rate hikes are in our short term future.

Is the Federal Reserve telling the truth about our economy?

The outlook of the US economy by the Federal Reserve, is perhaps overlooking some of the most basic things everyone uses. This includes energy, the cost of energy, including your electric bill and even food cost.

There is something out there called the Chapwood index, this index is on a non-governmental measure of inflation. This index tells a different kind of story about the US economy. The index looks at the cost and price fluctuations of over 500 top items that we spend our money on and currently in the 50 largest cities of the nation.

13.7According to the report, some of the major cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and more saw inflation for the last 12 months at 10%, however some of those rose to 13.7%.

The fact remains, it is a lot more expensive to live today than it was yesterday.

Take a look at this YouTube video about the current situation in the US economy and about things to come.

Then after the video, ask yourself the question are you prepared? And if not what can be done?  

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