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Two Shocking Mistakes That Will Kill Your Success — Mindset and Mentality

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Question?  Do you understand how to make money in a home business? Yes or No!

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The Power of Positive Thinking

Wallace D. Wattles was one of the pioneers to introduce to the world the power of positive thinking. Positive thinking aligns with, the law of attraction. Perhaps you watched the movie “the secret” and taken a glimpse into this realm of awareness that few dare to venture.  If you haven’t then you should because the People that do usually, when applied correctly, reap huge benefits from their experience.

What does positive thinking and the law of attraction have to do with making money? I can think of 2 very important things that the law of attraction and positive thinking effect in your daily life that gives you the edge to make all the money that you need.

What are they?

  1. Positive Mindset
  2. Abundant Mentality

Mr. Wallace wrote in his book The Science of Getting Rich, that man develops in three key areas: mind, soul, and body. From these there are two areas we can surmise that man must develop.

  1. The mind, to be able to make use of things of this world.
  2. Man must develop his fortune in order to become the possessor of things desired.

From this we can conclude, that the object of life indeed lies in your Personal Development. We can also conclude that each person has the right to all the information necessary for him to obtain the required information and learning to accomplish his goals in life.

First, let’s talk about Positive Mindset!

What is positive mindset? To answer this question we must break it down into parts. Mindset, in basic terms is an attitude, disposition, or mood that leads, guides, or directs your belief system, which in turn influences your decision-making process, which determines the actions you take.

Mindset is directly related to your ability to have success or failure to accomplish your goals in life.

Positive mindset is the development of your attitude, disposition and mood without any negativity. A person with a positive, winning mindset, is almost guaranteed to reach their goals in life or business.

The first thing you must do, to develop a winning mindset, is to remove and refrain from all negative thoughts, speech, and actions, and replace those with the positive counterparts.

Sounds Easy!

You may be asking yourself this question. What does this have to do with how to make money?

My answer in its completeness could be a book on its own, but for today I will tell you that having a positive mindset has everything to do with making money. A matter of fact, it should be your number one priority to develop.

Positive mindset is also closely related to the belief or term Abundant Mentality. Abundant mentality is the belief that there is plenty of everything, for every person, and there is no need to compete with anyone. This is directly opposite from the term Scarcity Mentality which leads people to believe that they suffer from lack. The truth is, there is no lack of money, there is no lack of business prospects, there is no lack of opportunities, there is no lack of information, and there is nothing that you need that cannot be attained.

But, How can you attain an Abundant Mentality?

  1. Focus on the abundance, do not focus on the lack.

It is a known fact that what you focus on, and what you see in your world will be amplified and drawn to you by the Law of Attraction. One of the easiest ways to determine if you have an abundant mentality is to think of having one dollar in your bank account. If you had one dollar in your bank account, would you consider yourself broke, almost broke, poor, or in panic mode?  Or Abundant?

In reality, by having one dollar in your bank account you still have one more dollar than you need.

This proves that you are currently living a life of abundance because you have more than is needed. Abundant mentality is how you take in everything around you. Do you see the world and its opportunities and resources as being plentiful? Or are you see them as a shortage?

That will help you determine if you have an abundant mentality. Remember I said, there’s ample resources for everyone to accomplish anything they wish without any concern of lack.

  1. Learn to Appreciate

One quick way to change your mentality in this area is to look around your daily life and appreciate the things that you do have.  I’m willing to bet today that you have food to eat, that you have life, you have a roof over your head, you have friends, and you have family.

What do you do daily to focus and show appreciation for these fundamental things in everyone’s life? Learning to appreciate what you do have will help you develop your abundant mentality.

  1. Get organized!

Take a few moments and make an inventory of all the things that you currently possess no matter how big or how small and without regard to their monetary value. Write down and journal these items and then keep them well organized.

You can keep your home clean, you can keep your clothes folded, you can keep your files all neatly in one place, and you can have your finances organized. By knowing exactly what you have it becomes easier for you to appreciate your already impressive abundance.

  1. Share from your abundance!

One of the fastest ways to feel good about yourself, is to share from what you have. Do you have old clothes that you never wear? Do you have shoes that are in good repair that’s no longer needed? What do you have that you can give to those that are less fortunate?

These items can be selected from your time, your talent, or your treasure. By doing good in helping others you will feel appreciated, and you also realize how blessed you are with an abundance that you may have not noticed before.

  1. Create situations where everyone wins.

People who develop and possess an abundant mentality are never afraid to share the knowledge and resources they have with others. Why? Because they believe that everything in life is readily available in abundance. Abundance in your business, your life, in your friendships!

Develop situations where everyone profits, for there is more than enough resources to go around.

What’s next?

Once you have a positive mindset, and an abundant mentality, your focus should be on acquiring the information you need to build your business. For this aspect of your development, you should look to people that are well-versed, and willing to lead, mentor, and guide you through your business development process.

One of the primary concerns, that often leads people in business to a scarcity mentality, is their belief that there is a lack of qualified leads or prospects for their business. This concern can easily be overcome with some very simple and straightforward training that can be found by following this link that I will give you here today. Go to the Website and watch the short video!  Imagine how your life would feel to once and for all put away your concerns of scarcity in your business.

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