What’s A Top Tier Business?

What is A Top Tier Business?  Well that’s a real good question!  What’s a Bottom Tier Business?  Another good question… So lets start at the bottom and work our way to the Top!

Most Guru’s Lie!  That’s just a Fact and a Reality of the nature of marketing online!  You can wish it wasn’t so, you can bitch about it, and complain and yell Scam!  But it’s the nature… almost like used car salesmen!

How to you start at the Bottom… and make money?  Is that Bottom Tier?  Well sure… its the bottom, its where you start.  But there are many ways to do it and many teachers out there that claim to have the answers!  Did you know that Guru means Teacher?

Guru = Teacher!

But are they all teaching success or just collecting money?  Well both!  I would venture to say All are Teachers!  Just not all are Good Teachers!

What the Guru your following may have not told you is this…

1.  You need a few products to pay for your cost of lead generation.

You need some of your own products to promote that pay you real commissions!  If your stuck on just promoting Affiliate offers, perhaps on JVZoo or Clickbank, then you may make some money, but your not going to load up the bank.  You need same high payout products! (Legal Ones)

2. Fact is, Your first product that you produce yourself, has a very high unlikely hood of making anything!

Why? Well its simple, you probably don’t have the infrastructure to support it, or the following of loyal people to buy it!  That leaves you with the daunting task of Advertising!  And that, for a newbie is a task that’s almost impossible to turn a profit at… off the start!


A.  Learning Curve to make your advertising work and convert

B.  Money!  It takes money to run ads!  Allot of it!

3.  Affiliate marketing Sucks!

Fact is, Yes it sucks… If your just starting out and your portion of the payout is 15-30% your going to make $15-30 per $100 in sales.  What if it cost $45 in advertising to make a Sale? And it will… your in the hole $15…  That sucks!

Why Top Tier vs. Bottom Tier?

Well the answer is Clear!  Why start at the Bottom… and fight to learn… when you can start at the Top and learn from Top Earners.

You can sell their program… and make Top Commissions!

Why spend your money developing a product… that wont sell?  Let the pro’s do the development!  Let the pro’s do the testing, let the pro’s set up all the Support, answer all the questions… and deal with the back office crap!

You should start at the Top and Focus on Three things!

1. Learning!

2. Selling!

3. Collecting Money!

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You can’t Beat that… they do the work!  You collect the Money!

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Dave Shirley
Bad Guru Slayer!



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