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Some companies or trainers only teach warm market recruiting, the problem with that is three-fold:

1. It assumes you have a great warm market, not everyone does.

2. Even if you do have a great warm market, you will eventually recruit someone who doesn’t and you will want to teach them how to do it.

3. When learned properly, cold market recruiting can be done while you are out, and if you are in network marketing to impact others, why would you keep a great opportunity from people who may be looking?

It can most certainly be uncomfortable when talking to strangers but I believe the below video will help you and your teammates out greatly!

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Something you might want to consider if you out prospecting…

  • Simply ask people if they are happy with what they are currently doing

For example, lets say you walk up to a cashier and a local store.  You can ask; Do you like this job and working here?
If they say No or give a indication that they might be unhappy…

Then you simply ask, well would you be interested in doing something else on the side, if it would not interfere with what your doing now?

If they say Yes…

Simply hand them a little note pad, that you should be carrying with you at all times!! And ask them to write down their Name, Email and Phone Number!

Then say no more to them, besides Thanks!

Remember, you busy, you don’t have time to discuss or answer questions.  Later, call them and set an appointment.  Or better yet, have someone else call them and set the appointment for you!

That gives you a better Position.

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