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The Importance of Capturing Your Leads

The Importance of Capturing Your Leads

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Building a business Online… and be as easy as 1,2,3!  Often times it  has been made out to be harder that it actually is.  But that’s just the Process of Online marketing.

You know the Drill, you need A Blog, Plugins and Banners… and you need all this Training… and Expert Advice!

Well some of that is True… But allot of the Bull crap your fed… as the Gospel Truth is a Lie!

Face it… You have been lied too!

But… The importance of Capturing your leads … is simply a Truth!

Lets lay out a simple Sales Process!

Step 1.  You go to A Garage sale or two and pick up a few hundred books for $50.

Step 2.  You Place these books on your website, Categorized and For Sale!

Step 3.  You Use a lead capture system to capture the people that Buy Your Books by offering a incentive of buy this book and join our mailing list and get another book FREE!

Step 4.  Advertise your books or your site… and make Sales!

By Capturing the leads you now have a Target list that buys books!

Step 5.  Signup as an affiliate with a book company, and email your buyers list Book Specials 2-3 times a week!

Now you have a practically hands off business!

But you need Books, and a Lead Capture System!

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Its the easiest to use system I have seen to capture leads… and it works GREAT!

Now go make some Sales!

Dave Shirley




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