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Things To Consider Before You Start A Home Business

Hey it’s Dave Shirley…  I wanted to talk to you today about business in General.

Question:  Have you ever thought or hoped that you would just wake up and have a Profitable business?

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It’s an Honest Question!

But I want to tell you the Truth.  This Rub, rub, rub and Boom out pops a Genie (Success) is not going to happen on your own.

More thought has to go into How To Start A Home Business!

I was listening to a Nationally Acclaimed speaker over the weekend.  She was laying down the law concerning business and one of the takeaways was that No one can build their business alone.

What did she mean: No one can build their business alone?

Well it’s Simple really once you think about it… Mastermind (Genie)

Confused yet?

Let’s explain further.  To capitalize on new marketing ideas, and business strategies you need some sound business Structure.

Here is my suggestion:

1.       Find a Coach or Mentor

A Coach or Mentor, will help lead and guide you down the path to success.  By working with them, you do not have to re-invent the wheel, just modify it and Roll it out!

That is why I continually push people to apply for my coaching and mentorship program.  I combine it with the best Training platform available so you get Me and the Training.  It’s the best deal going!
You can check that out here>> http://Dream.GetMLSPMastery.com

2.       Find a Solid Business

Finding a mentor is Tough… but it’s harder to find a Solid business that you’re passionate about.  One suggestion is to really consider the business of your Mentor, and take that as your own.
By choosing to follow your Mentor, you maximize your chances of success and ability to make money.

Why?  Well because the Mentor will do allot of testing on their Own.  Then the Majority of the time, they will share their New Proven Strategies with the Flock they Feed… You!

This is a Huge asset to you, and to your business!

3.       Develop a Solid Business Plan

Part of my coaching and mentoring is to ensure my clients have a Solid, Sound business plan.

Why is that Important to you?

I think that can best be answered this way.  Let’s say you decided to build a Home.  First, you determine if you can get a Loan.  No loan, no house!  Second, you need to buy some land.  In this process you need to consider flood plains, Water, Sewages, and utilities, subdivision rules, schools zones and size of the lot.

Next, you need to find a …..


A Roadmap to building Your Home!

This Roadmap or Blueprint will tell the builder, how large your home is, the dimensions, and all he needs to know to determine how much your budget should be and how much he will charge to build your home.

But there is something missing…

  • The General Contractor. (leader/mentor)
  • The general contractor’s job is to make sure your home is built to your specifications.
  • He is your Leader and Adviser!

Business is no different.  To be successful you need…

  • A Leader/Mentor
  • A Business
  • A Plan or Blueprint

Right now, I am taking applications for my Dream Client program.  In this Program I will Lead, Guide and Mentor you until you have Success.

  • The Blueprint is Prepared, Tested and Profitable.
  • The Business is Sound and Stable!
  • The Results are Astounding!
  • The only thing Missing is… YOU!

Do you want Success?  As Bad as you want Air to Breathe?

If so, go here and Apply to be one of my Few Dream Clients.

>>> http://SuccessRequest.com

The blueprint says… Follow this for Success!

Talk Soon,

Dave Shirley



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