How do You Socially Treat New People You Meet?

How do You Socially Treat New People You Meet?

Have you ever met someone new? All they want is to talk about themselves! This is kinda normal… At first… but then tends to get old and not very appealing. Then after a little more time… your simply Tired of it! 

In Social Media, your Audience is initially very curious about you, however after they have been bombarded with your content, hits, prods etc… they become irritated and loose interest!

Try this Alternative: Work on making your Social Engagements “Social”!

To me Social or Socially… This means Two way Communication

And make the Conversation more about them… than YOU!

Praise goes further than Hits, Pitches and Prods!

Hope you Received the Value in today’s Social Tip!

Dave Shirley…

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