Social Media Engagement Mistakes to Avoid

10 Days/10 Tips

Day 1: Social Media Engagement Mistakes to Avoid

You probably have been engaging people for a while, but social media is a complete new situation and it requires… frankly and new plan. You can run out and sign up for a Twitter, Facebook or even a Google+ account, but that very well could be the start of a chain of failure.

The first thing you must consider is Time! Can you dedicate the time it takes to connect with those new “Communities”? Simply put, if you do not have that time… it will be difficult or even impossible to respond to each new interaction in a timely and productive fashion.

This could be a huge disaster!

Sure you can hire this out… but do you really want someone else … Speaking for you?

Rule One: Put together an Action and Engagement plan outlining how you will engage and respond to your Audience!

Rest assured… when someone say’s Hello… they expect one back… Promptly!

Dave Shirley



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