How To Set-up Facebook Ads

Do you advertise on Facebook?  Do you find it to be intimidating?  I have put together a complete course on Facebook ads for my Readers!  But today I will give you some excerpts from that course and you will have to Opportunity at the end to get the complete course!

Step 1 Create your ads

Choose your advertising objective!  You must determine which of the Advertising Categorizes best fits your objective!

When you’re ready to create your ad, go to the ads create tool and choose your advertising objective


facebook ads objective

Step 2 Set or Choose Your Audience (More included in the course)

Choose the audience for your ad

Decide who you want to see your ad. Use controls to limit who sees your ad by their age, gender, location, etc. The audience size shown roughly indicates the number of people on Face book who might see your ad. Ads with higher budgets will reach more people of the potential audience.

Target people who are more likely to respond to your ad by using interests to narrow your potential audience.

Check to see that your targeting summary is correct on the right side!

Step 3 Campaign Pricing

Set a budget for your ads

Before you can set a budget for your ads, make sure you’ve prepared your creative and started creating your ads.

Set your budget:

The cost of advertising on Face book depends on the size of your audience and your budget. This section will help you determine your budget for your campaign.

Choose whether you’d like to set a budget per day or for a set period of time.

If you’d like to spend a set amount of money on your ad campaign over its duration, you can do so using the lifetime budget option.

What does my daily budget control?

Your daily budget controls how much you’ll spend on a specific ad set each day. Each ad set will have a separate budget, so keep this in mind if you have more than one active ad set in your account. Your ads will automatically stop showing once your daily budget for the ad set has been met for that day.

Keep in mind that you’ll never accrue charges in excess of the budget you set. You can also set a lifetime budget, which lets you choose an amount to spend over the entire scheduled lifetime of the ad set.

What is lifetime budgeting?

Lifetime budgets are similar to a daily budget but instead of setting an amount to spend per day, you set a lifetime budget to spend across the lifetime of the ad set. Our system will automatically try to spread your spend out evenly across the entire period of time that you’ve selected. For example, if you specify a $100 USD budget for a 10-day ad set, you’ll spend about $10 per day. If the ad set only spends $8 on the first day, the system will try to make up the missed amount at a later date within the ad set.

What is the minimum daily budget for an ad set?

The minimum daily budget for any ad set is $1.00 USD and must be at least 2 times your cost per click (CPC) bid. For example, if you have a $1.00 CPC, your daily budget must be at least $2.00.

Campaign Schedule: Choose Run my ad set continuously starting today to start running your ad continuously when it’s approved or select Set a start and end date to select a specific start and end date to run when it’s approved.

Set an account spend limit for your ad account:

An account spend limit allows you to set an overall spend limit for an entire ad account. It ensures that all ads in your account stop running once your account spends the amount you’ve indicated.

When you set your budget, you should make sure to set an an account spend limit to ensure that all ads in your account stop running once your account spends the amount you’ve indicated.

As Far as choosing Images here are some tips…

Choose your images

Image size: For most ads, the recommended image size is 1200×627, so it’s good to have at least a few images that are this size.

  • If you get an error while you’re uploading your images for your ad, you may want to check out our Ads Product Guide for more details on image sizes for specific ads
  • If you know exactly what type of ad you want to create, check out the recommended creative information for specific placements on Facebook in our Ads Product Guide.

Edit your text and links

Make sure your content will look the way you want in desktop News Feed, mobile News Feed and the right column by clicking on each tab to preview the different versions. If you don’t want your ad to show a specific placement, use the Remove option.

Please leave me a Comment on this Course if you go Value!   I love to help young marketers get started, contact me if I can help!

You can get the complete course on Facebook Ads 101 here:


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