Residual Income Goals For 2016

Here’s A Quick Way To Earn A Residual Income

Abraham Lincoln send this things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.

12392042_10153813838979410_84374398826896473_n (1)In 2016, will you be chasing your dream, or following  someone else that chasing theirs? Fact is, if your 2015 was unsuccessful, then now is the prime time to set a new direction for 2016. As we look, here in the world we live in, not everyone has it so lucky.

The World Health Organization, says that every year more than 3.4 million people die as a result of water related diseases.

Can you imagine that? Here we sit in the comfort of our homes, working on our computers, building Our business empire from a security that we have developed through a home business and while others struggle to simply get the basic necessities of life, such as clean drinking water.

Do you believe it is fair?

Is it fair that 3.4 million people die each year while we enjoy the luxuries of living in a country with A surplus of clean water.

What can be done to change the statistics that a child under 5 dies every 20 seconds of a waterborne disease.

Question:  Is this a battle for Us to Solve or is it strictly a challenge for me Alone?  Will you join me is the quest?  I am looking for 5 people to join me me on my journey in 2016 as part of a crowd sharing coop that provides safe drinking water to people around the world.

The fact is that it’s going to take your help, I cannot do it alone!

You see 1 and 9 of the world’s population does not have safe drinking water. And this number that will only continue to increase unless you and I join together and take action.

This is what I’m looking for. I’m looking for 5 individuals, that want to partner with me, in the crowd sharing cooperative. You can find more information about that by accessing this link >>

The cooperative mission is to provide H2O lifeline  packs that treats water in countries around the world.

In the cooperative we work together to generate Income for you, and provide a service to people that are in need. You see, I am looking for 5 people they would like to become a part of the world wide plan that changes the way their dreams can be achieved.  I know, that something extraordinary is occurring right now, and as this phenomenon continues to sweep the globe, I do not want you to miss it.

What I’m talking about is called a shared economy, and it is disrupting traditional industries and thereby creating multi billion-dollar companies and redistributes wealth as we know it.

Watch this short video on the crowdfunding cooperative and how you can earn Residual Income



Fact is over 1 billion people worldwide are now members of cooperatives,  and you need to know that a crowd sharing sharing cooperative is similar to a traditional business, but instead of corporate owners, it belongs to the people that use it.

Right now, as we speak, one in six people are taking control of their future with self sustainable income. And right now the crowd sharing cooperative allows groups of individuals to work together for a common goal.

This common goal is to generate wealth (Residual Income) for you, while providing a product that is life changing to someone else.

Watch this short video, and then click the link to learn more about the cooperative, and be one of the five people that partner with me in 2016 to change thousands of lives.


On the website when you get ready to register, click the registration buttons on the right hand side of the page, then send me an email to  and I will help you continue the process of joining the cooperative.

Together, you and me, will change our landscapes in 2016 and Save Lives!

Access the Cooperative site here >>

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PS… Did you know millions of kids, drink dirty water daily!  Why?  Find out by clicking the Banner Below and How you can help Solve this Problem!

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