Why Refuse Business Mentoring

Why Refuse a Business Mentor?

Let me ask you a question?  Are you struggling with your business?  What is struggling? I know I have to come clean with you,  I started my first home business back in 1993 with Amway,  drawing circles on the board. And I tell you what, I got nowhere with Amway.

It was a struggle and I wished someone had of been there to show me the way!

Ever since then, throughout the years, I’ve talked to hundreds and hundreds of people about a home business and about affiliate marketing.

One and the things that is really unique to all of those is that people that are not having success or people that are struggling want someone to tell them exactly what they need to do, to be successful.

They really want that, they buy the courses and they do the course, and they still don’t have the success and they ask why?
They ask who can we go to?  It sure would be nice to have someone we could ask why?  Someone we could ask exactly what to do.

Well,  I have found someone for you, his name is Robert Hollis, he has a free mentoring program, and he is a millionaire.  Robert Hollis has produced 45 other millionaires through Mentoring.

Now what he does is he helps people to make money, he is not worried about money, he has enough money.  That’s not what I said, that’s what Robert Hollis said about himself.

Now Robert Hollis’s passion is to help other people, to help them get their business going. And making money.

But you see, the strangest thing is, those people that I still know that are still struggling to make money, they are struggling in their home business, each and every day, and is still not making money.

I have offered to them this free mentoring course by Robert Hollis, but they say no we’re busy working on our business and too busy for mentoring.

Which is actually what they were asking for ever since I have known them.

So it’s a little bit strange I believe, I think it strange that you could have the answer, to your problem right here in Robert Hollis, in his mentoring program, and you could have that answer which is the solution to your problem and  refuse to take it.

I think personally, that’s kind of weird.

I simply don’t understand their “Why”!

If you would like to be part of this free mentoring program, if you would like the answer to your problem, the answer to why you’re not making money in your home business, the answer to why you’re not recruiting the people you want to recruit, if you would like those answers… Robert is giving you, access free to his mentoring program.

Personally I think you should take it, I firmly believe that is the best thing you could ever do for Yourself and Your Business!

I am currently going through it, my wife is going through it, and it’s a really good deal.

I think you should take it to get the answers to Solve your Lack of Success!  I mean if someone is going to give you the solution… If Robert Hollis is going to give it to you. “He is going to give it to you”.

Would it not be worth your Time?

All you have to do is receive it unto yourself. Get into the free mentoring program today!

This is the Answer you Seek!




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