I Quit!  The Mindset Killer

I can’t do it! That was the words Mary used as she decided the fate of her first home business. How many times have I heard those words throughout my profession in home business.

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Back in 1993, I had the opportunity to get started an amazing company called Amway.

Now it’s important to note, that this article has nothing to do with Amway, my past involvement, or that of any particular company. For we to, in 1993, uttered those devastating but all too familiar words.

I can’t do it!

The master of all dream killers, and the main contributor to the vast majority of failures in life and home business can be directly related to the use whether direct or indirect of those laser targeted destructive words. In all forms of consciousness, they lead to failure.

As Mary spoke to me on the phone, I could hear the passion in her voice gone. What was this passion that Mary had that can only be summed up by the desire to live the Dream and experience:

1. More time

2. More money

3. More freedom

Now, on this day, we could dive in to the concepts surrounding that will to have more time, more money, and more freedom.  However, to become more productive in this article we will bypass the definitions and explanations of those three areas.

Mary, simply said Dave, I can’t do it. I quit!

It was no surprise as those words left Mary’s mouth, that they would almost shatter her dreams throughout the fabric of space and time. For those that know success, know that it can be most easily achieved by employing proper mindset.

Let’s look at another example that will take us away from the realm of home business ownership.

At some point in time each and every one of us has seen images of a bodybuilder. Now a successful bodybuilder will more than likely employ the physical and mindset characteristics of these five next topics.

1. A Vision! 

What does it mean to have a vision? Well from my own personal opinion, a vision would be your ability to see your goal in its reality state in you.  Sounds complicated! But really, your ability to see yourself in a place or position that is the fulfillment of your wants, your needs, your desires, is absolutely critical to your ability to achieve success.

2. A Desire! 

What is desire? In layman’s terms… Or perhaps just mine! Desire is nothing more than a inner willingness to achieve your goals. Perhaps a more stringent and focused definition might be a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen.

3. A Inner Passion!

What is passion? And how is it absolutely critical to your ability to sustain your vision, your desire, your dedication, and your hard work?

Passion in my terms describes the one single thing in you that you would absolutely love to do more than anything else you can imagine. It is the focal point of all your energy, all your creativity, it is what will produce your very best.

When asking the Question… What’s your passion? I generally ask people:  If You could do or be anything what would that be? And why?

Passion is your fuel to accomplish your dreams.

4. Dedication. 

What is dedication? Dedication is very simple. Dedication is your ability to be committed to a task or purpose without losing your focus until that purpose or task becomes reality.

5. Hard work. 

What is hard work? I would describe hard work as, after you have given 100% of all you have, give 100 more.

In summary, of the groundbreaking research and teachings of the late Jim Rohn, one particular part bears resemblance to why some Succeed and other Fail or Quit!

“Most things are, easy to do, but also easy not to do”.

When we talk about having a vision, exploring your desire, releasing your inner passion, applying dedication, and giving 200%.  In this concept, we find that each one of these areas contain things that are easy to do, yet easy not to do.

Mary said: I can’t do this I quit!

And in that moment, Mary’s vision,  dedication, and passion died!

The number one killer of home businesses is the words…I can’t.

If you’re reading this article today. Your very first task in developing a winning mindset is to abandon failure, and develop a mindset of I can.

Your Second, Abandon Failure!  Employ your Vision, Desire, Passion, Dedication and Hard Work!

If it’s your Passion… It should be “Easy to do”

Dave Shirley
People, Passion, Purpose!



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