What’s your price for success?

Hello, Dave here.  Just wanted to write this post today and ask you that very serious question.  What is the price or should I say more importantly, what is your price for success?

I made a Special Video you need to watch that will cover my feelings on Success, but not just that, I talk about YOU!  That’s right! You

Now you may be saying; Dave, what do you know about me.  Well that’s an honest question.  What I know is that 98 percent of the people that are trying to build a successful business are failing!

Hard to believe, 98 percent Fail.  What a Price for Success!  “Failure”.

What are some of the reasons?  One reason is Hope!  You’re sold into a business or program based on Hope!  Hope for a better life, hope for success, and hope that this program is different.  Hope!

What a powerful and corrupt tool to use to make sales.

What’s more disturbing is that the price of success leads people to repeat mistakes and consistently buy into the success programs at a cost that is staggering!  5-25K!   Yes some spend up to $25,000 or more all based on Hope and the promise of More time, Money and Freedom.

Folks do this and it’s Insane!

What is the definition of Insanity?  Doing the same things Over and Over again, expecting a different Result.

This has never been more evident than the cases of those that have spent the majority of their life in the pursuit of success only to sink in hundreds of thousands of dollars.  All based on Hope!

Fact is, Hope sells!  And the majority of smooth talking marketers know this routine.

Question is; is it Right?

Even if you look at the statistics, most people still fall for this old game even with the presence of an Income disclosure statement which in most cases clearly states; the majority of people that purchase this program will never make a dime!

Shocking? Staggering?

Perhaps both!  But certainly Truth!

Watch the Video, as I explain that perhaps it’s time for you to fly your own Bull Shit Flag!  And fly it with Pride!

Perhaps, it’s time for a Success Plan Change!


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