Tip 4/10 Personality, In The Series On Social Media Tips!


Tip 4/10 in The Series On Social Media Tips!


Having personality online is necessary!  It is a proven fact that human beings tend to connect to other human beings. (See that’s Almost funny!)  If you’re online and people tend to see you as just a simple logo as in something on a computer screen, it may become difficult for them to connect with you.

Social media needs to be social!  Keyword: Social

The majority of time people are actually drawn to other people and to relationships that make them laugh.  People that make them think, and bring out the very best in them.  Most of your customers and your future prospects will be involved in some way with social networks.

You need to learn to be personable.  Always be kind, because everything that you say online reflects directly on you and your brand.

If you’re the type that has a hard time being personable, perhaps it might be a good idea to hire someone and put them at the helm of your brand to manage your engagements.   You might even consider someone willing to push the envelope!  But here is a must!  They must be able to come across is genuine , friendly, and most of all personable!

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