From Near Death To A Battle For Marketing Success. My life story! by Dave Shirley

Dave3From Near Death To A Battle For Marketing Success.  My life story! by Dave Shirley

Why bother to try to make money online or even try to have more than what your parents had?  This may extend to a savings account, possessions or even provisions for your children.  Why struggle, why work long hours, why attempt the impossible? Why Attempt Marketing Success?

For me now my answer is the same….  as is always been, To Live The American dream!

My Life Started… One summer in 1967.  On that day my parents had a baby boy.  In those days technology was not as great as of today and the care in those days was quite different from the times we live in now.  My story… the story of my life is complicated…  

You could say…my life started with a struggle to survive!

My mother and father both work in our family body shop.  My dad was an expert at Painting and Repairing cars.  And of course, in the Mix… there was me Dave Shirley.  I can’t remember my birth… probably a good thing, but I’m told it was nonetheless tragic!  You see, back then a C-section was only considered in a emergency situation, and my mother’s Dr. Believed I was just a normal child. No Problems!

 But if the truth had been known… I was far from normal!  You see, I believe I am extraordinary!  I mean think about it, who wants to be normal… that’s simply not any fun!  Any way back to my birth… The Truth revealed that I was a really large child, almost 11 pounds.  My mother had a really hard time in delivery.  But as the situation would dictate it was just too late for the emergency C-section.

On that bright young morning in a last ditch effort to save my life… I was not born but pulled!  My family tells me in stories from time to time about how the Doctor came out of the delivery room to tell my father that his son and wife would not survive.  I don’t know about mom,  but I was in really bad shape.   The Doctor said to my dad…  Your son David I’m sorry Sir!  He will not make it through the night!

dying infant


A Fight Against Death

He went on to tell of the tragic events of my birth.  But what the he did not know, nor was he able to conceive is that I am not ordinary, but extraordinary, and that the young man known as David was a fighter!  I was in a intense battle for almost three weeks,  I struggled each and every minute for my very life… you could say it was a fight against death. 



For three weeks I lived away from my parents inside of a special oxygen tent.  The doctors were amazed and simply could not understand why I was alive… but you could say… I did not know the meaning of giving up.  The Meaning of Failure!  It was almost three weeks before my parents ever saw their son.  Now my mother and I came home from the hospital after a few months and I can only wish that the struggles of my life ended there.  If you can Imagine… my mom did not believe in telling me that I did good, she was always negative, saying things like …. David … you’ll never amount to anything…. you’re going to amount to nothing!  Can you imagine the Damage that can do to a Young Mind? 

The Struggle to Be Accepted

I remember all through high school it was a struggle, I remember those days well!  We lived in a small town with a population of 859, so pretty much everyone played sports…  But Dave!  See the coach would always have practice after school, and I had to ride the bus home.  My Parents were not very supportive of sports… so dad finally said…. were not coming to get you at the school just so you can play sports. So after school you need to get on the bus and ride home.  My football and basketball days were over!  Now your simply not popular in a small school and a small town if you’re not in the click, and if you don’t play sports, … your simply an Outcast! 

You see what it comes time for high school dances most of the girls wanted to go with someone that was on the team… the stars of the football team and the key basketball players… those are the popular ones! But who wants the Nobodies?  

I graduated in 1985 and that was when  I decided I would build my own future for myself.  As soon as I turned 18, I joined the Air Force, and I went off to basic training and my technical school.  You see, I loved to do a mechanic work!  I was an Natural, so I enlisted in the Air Force to be a Jet-Engine mechanic. 

Marekting You, Marketing Success, When I found My Calling

For Marketing Success, You must Market You!

That was when I found my place in this world!   I was not only the best mechanic, but I was even better at mentoring and leading!

I quickly became known as the team builder!  I got all the problem children, you know the ones that were like I was!  But what they never ever knew was that those young men and women were my home!  I loved each and every one of them!  Now in the military is important to the mission that you all learn to work as a Team!  That’s the team concept… I believed and proved over and over as my philosophy grew a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.  And in my analogy, the chain links represent each team member. 

The goal of building a team is to build up each link, to an equal strength!  I was a master at team building.  My philosophy was to identify early the strengths of each member.  By doing this I could formulate a map to build the most productive team anyone had ever seen.  And that exactly is what I did!

Identifying Strengths

Now after I would identify the individuals strengths, I would give each young man or women the opportunity at first to excel and master that strength… To the point of almost perfection!  Then I would do what most supervisors would never dream of, I would put that person in charge!  In charge of the tasks that would showcase his or her strength. 

This give them an enormous boost in confidence and self image, and give them what we would refer to a marketing as his Niche!

But the revolution did not stop there.  I believed in the Chain Concept! … You see, to build a super chain or team each member has to be the same strength, and each member must learn to serve one another.  They must be willing to mentor each other, to train each other, so I used the concept of Leveraging in Team building. 

Leveraging was the key to building super teams. 

This is how it all flowed out, when a young airman mastered his unique skill, I would challenge him to train other team members!  You talk about pride!  I can still almost see their faces… radiate with nothing but pride and a sense of accomplishment!

As each member grew, it also became a challenge of whose the strongest on the team!  Each member push themselves, not only for their mentor… me,  but also for themselves to be the very best.  The best on the Team, the best of their passion, the best of their strength.  But it was not only a challenge to be the best in your Strength… but to be the best in all strengths… And that was the Key… to get them to want to Learn… to want to be the best… to teach and support each other.

But what amazed me… was to see them Help Each Other… so the Chain Was Strong!

 And my friends… that was my secret, one I simply never told, but one that allowed me to master team building and be known as somewhat of a miracle worker.I served our country for over 23 years… then my friends my day of Retirement came… and my Dream was Over!  ….

That was perhaps one of the saddest days of my Life!

In 1993… I stated another Team Building Challenge!  Team MLM!

Now back in 1993 when I was still in the military we decided to start our first home business.  I always said the military paid you enough to want something just not enough to have anything!  So I always worked two jobs.  I had a steady part time income as a auto mechanic and a local garage, and the Air Force… but in 1993 we decide a go for the big money and one day we joined a company called Amway.

I was working as a Mechanic in a small town called Plattsmouth Nebraska.  One of our regular customers came in and had me work of his car.  Later that day he came by to pick it up and that when he said… Hey, Would you be interested in making some extra money on the side?  Of course I said!…I like money!  What’s it about? 

He said…  Well I can’t tell you right now…  It’s probably not right for you anyway!  I thought to myself that strange, why would someone asked me if I wanted some extra money, then tell me it was not for me?  So I went home after work, and began to think.  No one tells me that something is not right for me!  Who does he think he is anyway?  And what is it?  A few days past and then one day I decided I was going to find out!  So I found his house, beat on his door and until he answered!  And I asked… what is this job all about?

The Big Sale

When he came to the door he said… tomorrow night at 7:00 PM I’m having a few friends come over for training event.  You can stop by and you’ll see what this is all about then.  So we went to the meeting on Thursday night and we saw some really sharp guy drawing circles on the board for 30 minutes, telling of a plan that would make me absolutely rich!  I thought rich!  I can do that… so we joined that night… Joined our first multilevel marketing business… that was Marketing Success!

As you might know, drawing circles on board and making money with Amway can be two different things.  Nothing against Amway, they are a awesome company, but it’s just not as simple as a few circles on the board.  I chased down every person I knew, all my family, all my friends, everyone I could find. 

We signed up no one!  Once again perhaps mom was right… and I had Failed!

So later on we quit and we joined another company, but to my surprise we actually did quite good in that company… we signed up about 30 people.  That’s when I first learned how to succeed in the multilevel marketing world.  In my newfound business I was able to use my talents I’d learned in the military… talents to build teams.  This is one of the most important things you can do when building a multilevel marketing type business.  In any Marketing business people make it harder that it actually is!  So let me lay out for you…. but First… tell me if you’ve heard this from your Up line before?

You join a business, and you’re  up line makes a simple request.  Write down all the people you know, like your doctor, your dentist, and even your hairdresser.  I know what you’re feeling right now… probably the same things I felt… like I don’t want to talk to these people!  But the business plan tells you that you need 8 to 10 people to start building your business right.

 I believe that’s a myth told of the MLM world that’s total BS! And the number one reason people quit the MLM business.

So in my version of the MLM success plan…  I decided to not only build teams but also built systems.

My system for building a home business was quite different from the company’s plan.  This is when I discovered, you only need three people, yes that’s it. 

Well almost….  So let me explain! 

You see… you’re the center of your business, then you find one person and sign them up, then you find two more people and sign them up.  Now you have three people!  How many more do you need to find?  Zero!  And here’s why!   Once you find your first person, you help them find three people, then you do the same for the second and the third person that you find.  So now you have 3 people and each one of those people has 3 people…. now how many do you have in your Home Business? You have (12) people in your organization, but you only had to find 3 Yourself! 


Can you see how easy that is now?

Simple right? And it works Every time!  You can build a massive business by learning a key concept!


After you have this build, you will pick up your 4th , 5th and So on… and the Business begins to Grow and Flourish!

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