Mass Confusion! Starting a Online Business

Dave 1Mass Confusion! Starting a Online Business

Have you ever given any serious thought to starting a Online Business or a business that requires online marketing?  For the purpose here I will refer to this huge list as “Online Business”.  Today I went to Google and did some quick research and found hundreds of Opportunities out there ranging from Affiliate marketing to various Multi-level Marketing and Network Marketing business.

Online business’s are not just limited to that, because anything you can sell online is a “online business”

So now that we have determined what a online business is… lets talk about Mass Confusion.  When you start a Online business it is very easy to get pulled into or Sucked into allot of other areas of online marketing.  So let me ask you… how many business offers do you get in your Email? 10, 50, 1000′s?

I personally get about 5000 emails a week!  5000!

Now this is where your mistake comes… Shinny Offers!

Build your online business and avoid all other businesses!

Once you have your business set up, you need marketing, you need lead generation perhaps… in basics you need Business! But what you don’t need is another online business!  People make this mistake all the time… they have a good business but they see a new deal about another good business so they start it too! Now they have Two online businesses!  This is a big mistake for people just starting online! Why? Because you can’t build that much at once!  What you need to do is Focus, create a business plan, and Strictly stick to it!

In order to do this you must avoid all offers no matter how they look, how they sound or how many promises come with them!

If you fail to do this you will be chasing every shinny new offer that comes along, and a year or two from now… you will be suffering Mass Confusion!

So remember, Yes Start a Online Business… One Business! Create a Business Plan! Stick to your plan… modify and mold very carefully! Avoid new businesses, and you will see Success!

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Dave Shirley

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