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Yes, that Headline is a pretty bold statement, but as you will read be low, I can back it up.

I constantly have $1,000 – $3,000 dollar days in my online business and it’s my mission to show others how to do the same.

And if you found this page, then you are probably looking for a way to make money.

That’s where I was 21 years ago.

When I talk to my students today and they hear my story, they are amazed to learn that my success did not happen overnight.

I am now in a place where I can help others overcome their struggles and save them the thousands of hours of heartache and the multiple thousands of dollars of money that I went through to get where I am today.


But I was NOT an overnight success.  That could not be farther from the truth.

Let me explain.

When I think about my story, I can remember it like it was yesterday.

My story actually starts back in 1993, long before the Internet and smartphones (I know, hard to believe there was such a time!).

I was a mechanic working two jobs to support my family.

I had a wife and 2 kids and like most other people, money was tight and we were just getting by, living paycheck to paycheck.

My wife was stressed to the point that often, she simply broke down from the pressure, fear of losing our home.

The fear of not making rent overshadowed any chance of what one might consider a normal life.

I remember once as we sat on the corner of our makeshift bed.

We only had a mattress and box springs and an old dresser that I had picked up at a garage sale.

That night I sat with her as tears rolled out of her bloodshot eyes, and I held her trembling hands so tight that I thought I might break them if I was to grip any tighter.

Her fear for us was real and was only amplified by the fact that I was never home because of the long hours I was working.

That just made the whole situation worse.

Simply put, yes we desperately needed money, but she needed me, her husband, to make her world simple and OK.

I remember one night I was just sitting there in our living room praying and I asked God is there nothing better than this?

I had always believed that God would hear prayers, and answer those that call upon his name.

But finally after too many sleepless nights, I simply gave up and came to the realization that I was just going to have to accept that this is how life is going to be.

Finally, a gift from God??

Little did I know that my prayer was going to be answered, or so I thought.

I want you to visualize our situation.

A wife, two kids and a husband (that would be me), working two jobs, fighting with his blood sweat and tears to pay the bills.

I was doing everything I knew to make this simple “life” work.

As remarkable as one would expect an answered prayer to be, the very next day a friend asked me a question?

Dave, do you need to make some extra money?

Now what comes next is a crazy but real story that I am sharing with you today because it builds the framework that controls my life over the next 15 years on a roller coaster ride called success and failure.

I remember that day well. I was working in a garage in Nebraska.

One of our regular customers, a customer I had come to know as a friend, came in to get work done on his car.

On this particular day, I had just finished the car maintenance at the same time he arrived to pick up his car.

Looking back, it’s almost funny now to hear his words.

He came in and said “Dave, would you be interested in making some money, $300 – $500 extra dollars a month, if you know if it would not interfere with what your currently doing?”

I said, I sure am! I definitely need the money! Whats this all about?

He said well, I can’t tell you right now.  And now thinking about it, it’s probably not right for you anyway. Then he just laughed and hopped in the car I had just spent all day working on and left.

I thought that’s strange why would someone ask me if I wanted to make some extra money then tell me it was not right for me?

I tried to brush if off as the week progressed.

But the more I thought about it, I really did need the money, the angrier I got!

The next Wednesday, I drove to his house early one morning (remember I said no cell phones then!) and knocked on his door.

I remember this very clearly!

He answered the door in his bathrobe, and I said straight up Hey, what’s this job about? I need that money!

We talked for 10 minutes or so and he said to me Dave, if you want to know what this is about, you and your wife need to be here tomorrow night at 7PM sharp! Don’t be late!

After a few more words I said ok and still left with no measurable knowledge of what “Making Money” was going to require me to do.

canvas big

The next night we went to the meeting and I tell you, I was blown away I saw a simple plan to create a “Home Business”.

As he showed us the business plan I got excited!!

I left there that night seeing in my mind how this solid plan for a home business was going to work.

And how it was the answer to all my prayers and heartache for my family!

As he explained it I just needed a simple solution to what only seemed like to me a permanent problem.

All I had to do was help other people start their own home business!

Simple enough, right?


I left there with the belief that if I just showed this same thing to a few friends and family, my business would grow.  I could easily make the money we needed in a few short months!!

I left excited almost feeling like a kid on Christmas morning and I couldn’t wait for everything to start!

Now, he told me the very first thing I needed to do was make a list of all the people I knew, all my friends and family.

This Was What I Now Call The Dreaded “Call Them and Kill It Plan”

I knew all we had to do was make these calls to everyone we knew and we were going to kill it in this new home business!!

So that’s what I did.

We went home and made a list that night of everyone we knew and over the next few weeks and months, I harassed each and every person I knew with my new “save the world” home business opportunity!

With every no, and they were all no’s, my excitement soon faded.

I was now convinced that this home business called Network Marketing was a SCAM, and that there was absolutely no way something like this could ever be done!

Not by me and really not by anyone!

Somehow I pressed on tried to find the yes’s – the one’s that would help me build my dream help me pay my bills!

However, reality struck my world quite differently.

My friends disowned me and I experienced what I thought at the time was the darkest part of my life.

As I talked on the phone and failed, my hope, my plan, my dream and our future crumbled!

I kept pushing against resistance and got nowhere…

By this time, my mind had drifted back to my youth

My mother’s words screamed out, filling the emptiness inside “David, you can’t do anything right”

So finally, I Quit!!

I quit the business; I gave up on the dream, and gave up on my hope for a better life!

The image and reality was etched in stone.

Struggle, Dave that’s your life! And that’s all its ever going to be.

It’s funny, now that I have so much success, that my image my life and what it could be was so narrow, so shallow!

And that would play out in attempt after attempt to prove Mother wrong!

I knew I could do anything I set my mind to, no matter what she said!

I guess you could say I was pre-destined to try this home business “thing” as again as a new friend and neighbor introduced us to yet another opportunity.

I was resistant.  There was no way I was going to try this again.

But of course his argument seem perfectly reasonable.

And “it sounded” much like the solution to more time, more money and more freedom that I had heard before.

I immediately refused him on his offer, and did so another 5-6 times.

In my mind it was all just some crafty idea to make the guy on top a ton of money, while all the “Monkeys” who do all the work, swinging through the trees searching the forest for “the ones”.

Looking for the few that say yes.  And few do!

But finally, I gave in and gave it another try.

I repeated the same process with the same result.

This time I was done.

I guess I became the salesman on why not to have a home business!

Scam City




And I had a long and distinguished list of reasons or (which I learned later in life were actually my limiting beliefs!).



  • It’s a Scam
  • Only the top people make money
  • I am not smart enough
  • Its simply too hard
  • My friends hate me
  • And the list goes on

I knew now that this was never going to work.  Not now, not in a million years!

Lets just bury this chapter of our life and forget it!

I was still against it, up to the very bitter end.

Then I found myself coming home after talking to my friend again (mind you this was MONTHS later).

I asked my wife what she thought.

And bless her and her belief in me.  She said “Honey, this is new business, we can do this!”

And she was right!

Over the next few months we sponsored 30-35 people into this new business and hit our target income of $300 – $500 a month!!

I had finally found success, after all this time and after all the heartache and struggle.

I was a proud home business owner.

And my wife was happy, because we got to work together and spend more time together!

Then, the harsh realization hit us harder than a ton of bricks

For the first time in my life, I knew beyond any doubt that my dream of time, money and freedom was coming true and I could not wait to show others.

I had developed the ability to enroll people almost at will into our new home business.

But then reality set in.

Sustaining that model was another story.

You see what do you do when all those people finish with their own “Hot List”?

You know, the one with THEIR friends and family?

What do you do? When their well runs dry?

It was easy to recruit, but then most people after about 3 months just start dropping out, almost faster than you can count.

No amount of help, advice, or begging will change it.

You see, in my business model I had no plan to sustain their engagement, no plan to stay in constant contact.

In those days there were no Facebook mastermind groups and as my people quit, my business completely failed.

So here I was again.

I don’t know if you can believe it, but I was really done this time!

There was no way I could ever have the courage, the will, the empowerment to rebuild this again.

I did not want to build another business in that model because you can’t sustain it!

I was done!

More importantly, if I could not get long term results for myself how was I going to get long term results for others which was more important to me than even my own success.

Our friends and family, the so called “Hot List” was exhausted.

Hell I was exhausted!

But I had one major problem, a problem greater than all this combined I still had “The Dream”

In the bottom of my heart, with all the knowledge inside I knew this home business thing could work with the right people!

People that wanted the freedom that only the lifestyle of the successful could bring.

But with my list exhausted, where could I find them?

dave4 300

There was only one place to turn –the Internet!!

I guess you could say I still had the itch, so I decided that the only way to build a sustainable home business from this model was to turn to the Internet.

I had to have a system that would bring me in new members FASTER than the ones that quit and leave, and I did not have a global plan.

I did not have a plan that took my message of financial freedom to the world.

My dream of this better lifestyle took on a completely new look and a new mission to employ Internet Marketing.

My plan was simple; I would just go to Google and type in “Make Money”

So that’s what I did.

And after just a few searches I came up with 10-15 things that would help me take my message of hope to hundreds of thousands of people a day.

It was almost a plan too good to be true!

Now, when I started online I searched long and hard and tried all the mainstream home business and online business training platforms.

I tried a lot of different systems for lead generation, how to build a business online, and a slew of other business ventures including post cards, Amazon E-Books, and Affiliate Marketing.

I even published my own E-book on Amazon!

I was a published author – now that’s got to sell!

However, seems my reality continued to follow me and over the course of the next 3-4 years, I had invested all I could borrow and had ran up a debt of about 200K.

Internet Marketing turned out to be hard, full of systems that don’t work, people that don’t tell the truth, and shiny object syndrome that causes you to jump from opportunity to opportunity.


  • I had no focus
  • No solid plan
  • No clarity!

I guess you could say that I had become the world’s #1 expert on what didn’t work or what not to do!

But at least, I was an expert at something!

I had totally gotten sucked in by the hype found when marketing online.

That 200k had to be paid back and I simply had no clue what I was doing or how I was going to do it!


I can remember it vividly.

Out of all the struggles I had experienced in trying to make a home business work, this had to be the darkest time of my life.

Truly, the lowest of lows!

I had not only failed at success I had failed my family!

It could not get any worse or could it?

My wife was frantic.

She had completely lost all confidence in me.

Confidence in me and in my vision of being a super star on the Internet.

To her this was serious and her attitude was charged with a fires of hell rage!

Finally one day she came to me.

She said either stop all this crazy internet stuff, or I want a divorce!

“You have lost all grip with reality and you are crazy!”

“You have spent our money and gotten us further in debt.”

“And now, you will not stop and it looks like you have taken our future as well!”

Wow.  Stronger words have never been spoken to me.

I was angry at her for killing my dream.

But I realized she did not kill my dream.

It was my fault, not hers!

I had to man up and take responsibility not only for the past but for the future as well.

And if she was going to be apart of that I needed help!

Professional help!

And my time was short!

My last chance came one day when a friend from Canada contacted me

A few nights after that wake up call from my wife, I was still trying to figure out what to do.

I was up working late after everyone went to bed.

I kept thinking that something, something has to work!

Other people do it why can’t I? Why is this not working?

I had no clue until a got a email from a friend in Canada.

And this is the exciting part – that email changed everything for us!

My friend, told me about an opportunity to work directly with 3 top earners in online marketing.

He said “These folks do not mess around Dave”.

However, it was not a click and sign-up business.

I would have to fill out an application, and go through a review process.

I would even have to provide references.

I would have to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

This was all before I could join this elite team.

And that is if my application gets accepted.

And that was big if!

My friend told me the truth, the truth that most of the time I have found only to come from close friends.

I remember his words to me, they are somehow etched in stone in my mind.

“Dave you have done everything. I think this is your only chance to make money online and save your family”.

He also gave me a very stern warning.

“This is only for people that are 100% serious! These are the big guys Dave.  Do you have any idea what it will mean to work with 7-figure earners? To use their business plan?”

“It’s the closest thing to guaranteed success that you will ever find!  But, its up to you to get past the application process and it takes my personal recommendation to get you into the program”.

So now I am thinking, oh crap this is serious and time to man up!

Everywhere you turn people are selling their latest and greatest system to make money.

This new group of entrepreneurs created a system that worked so well that they CHOSE who to work with.

The said they didn’t want to work with just anybody.

They had a “vision.”

They had a process to pick and choose who they wanted to work with.  That told me right away that they weren’t interested in making money.

Again I had to:

– Fill out an application.
– Go through the review process.

– I would have to provide references

– I had to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

It took a lot of work.

A lot of work to convince him to back me with his recommendation.

Believe me, that was not easy.

I worked several days just to get his approval and the link to the application.

But inside I believed.

No, I KNEW this has to make it or it’s all over!

I will lose everything!  My wife, my family, everything!

After I managed to get his approval and submitted my application, I was so nervous.

I mean my life was now hanging in the balance of a application!

How many of those have I filled out and never even got a call back?

I was terrified!

Scared to talk to them and terrified of the results if I didn’t talk to them!

I had no choice I must convince these top earners I am worthy of their program.

I must get into their business and their success mastermind.

And then the results came in.

You have an interview!

That was the second part of the this whole process.

My friend had told me that if you get past that you are in, but they only give you ONE chance!

One! They will not offer it to you again!

I took this more serious that anything I had ever done in my life.

I used all my focus, my energy on this application and approval process.

And based on my success, you must have already concluded.

I Got Approved!

Imagine my excitement when I saw this email headline:Congratulations Dave! You have been accepted into the mastermind

Inside the mastermind, I learned the truth.

The truth that only the top 2% that have success know the secret to success.

Now I have it and it felt like the weight of the world was instantly lifted.

Success At Last

I took everything I could out of that mastermind and from those 7 figure earners.

I applied everything I could into my business.

I started to have focus and clarity, and I now had a business plan to follow.

I put things in motion and started marketing with this new found knowledge and excitement.

Even my wife was back on board with me.

She saw the change in me too!

So I can’t even explain the excitement I felt when the sales started coming in.

You Just Received a $1000 Commission. What?!?!

Then Another >>> You Just Received a $1000 Commission. What?!?!

And Another >>>>> You Just Received a $1000 Commission. What?!?!

From there I just took the same procedure and applied it to make other $2000 and $3000 commissions.

I cannot tell you guys what it’s like to have $3,000 days.  I worked my ass off for months to make $500 a month, and here I am making $1,000s of dollars over and over.

And that my friend is what I want to show you how to do.

I want to show you how to escape your own home business hell and find success!

You CAN Turn Failure Into Success!

Now, you have just read a story about a lot of failure.

But you also read how I was able to turn that failure into success.

I saved my marriage.  I have a successful business.

I seriously woke up one morning and BOOM!

It hit me.

I realized that this year we had the distinct possibility of seeing a million dollar year!

But it did not happen overnight!  And there were times I thought about just giving up!

Now remember I told you earlier what I was missing that completely changed my business?

It was about getting focus and clarity?  This is why.

The facts about focus and clarity are:

  • You can’t build a business without them.
  • You can’t build a team without them.
  • You can’t build a residual income without them.
  • You can’t have success without focus and clarity!

Everyone knows that focus and clarity are the answers to what every business owner and marketer needs to have success online!

They just don’t know how to get it!

Focus and clarity mean success!

And success means more time, money and freedom!

I have spent the last 4 years searching online for the success code!

The secret!

What I found through the mastermind program was an easy to follow system with sound, proven, strategies that have allowed me to plug into a solid, profitable business plan!

And now I want to give back.  Here is how I want to help YOU!

I want to teach you how to turn the tide in your own home business to turn failure into success!

Basically you have 2 choices.

Only 2.

First choice.

Keep on doing the same stuff you are doing now you know does not work.

There is 1 chance in 100,000 that you might luck out before you lose everything like I almost did.

Second choice.

You can apply for a strategy session with me that will change your life.

I have found in online business that people won’t give you anything.

I never wanted to be like that.

I want to be known as a giver, and so today I am offering you a chance of a lifetime.

I usually charge upwards of $350 to $400 per hour for consulting.

But since you have read my story I think you should get something of extreme value.

I have spent hours and hours and over $200,000 trying to build an online business.

All I want to do is help and TRANSFORM the lives of other.

I’m not going to sit here and give you a speech about how I want to help as many people become successful as I can.  The truth is I do, but I want to help people who are READY.

If you are ready, apply to work with me.

If I decide we are a good fit, I will do my best to help you get to where you want to be.

If it’s a good fit, we will jump on the phone and I will dissect what you are doing and tell you what I think you should do to get to the next level.

I have a few different methods I can recommend that have the best chance for the average person to make money.

I can even help get you accepted into the same inner circle mastermind that I got into as I have a good relationship with the owners, as well as work with you to get you to where you want to be.

So I want to give you one hour of my time for a strategy session.

In that hour, I would like for you to tell/show me your current business, what your currently working on, you successes and struggles.

Let me, use my 20+ years of experience to help lead and guide you.

During this session we will:

  • Discuss your business background
  • Determine your business goals
  • Develop a fast action plan
  • Acquire focus and clarity
  • Lay out step by step your custom success roadmap

With that said, I don’t want to talk with just ANYBODY.

If you are looking for a system to be an overnight millionaire DO NOT APPLY for a Session!

If you want to make money with little effort DO NOT APPLY.

On the other hand, if you are ready for a change, if you are ready to be coached by somebody who HAS ACTUALLY GOTTEN RESULTS ONLINE, then APPLY.

As much as I love helping people, I HATE having my time wasted.

You need to be coach-able and at a place where it’s a MUST for you to succeed.

I love FINALLY having this Laptop Lifestyle I have always dreamed of having, but what I love more is coaching people who are ready to get to the same level that I as I am.

My biggest lesson I learned throughout this journey is, if you want anything in life, work with the people who have what you want.  If you are wanting to lose weight, you can buy a book, or you can work with a trainer who has been where you are at now.

So if you are looking to make money online, doesn’t it make sense to work directly with somebody who is actually doing it?

So here is what to do…

Click the Book Your Free Session below.


From there, you and I will get on the phone.  And get to work!


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