Are you Living Your Passion

  • Are you Living Your Passion

I was talking to a Friend online last night about Passion.

So today I wanted to write you about it and get your thoughts.

What is Passion? Specifically what is your Passion?

My Friend sent me a YouTube link to a Video about it so I thought today I would just send that on to you!

It’s less than two minutes long!

This it the Big Question…

What would you do if Money were no object?

Would you Live Your Passion?

Think about it!  Out of all the choices in your life, what’s the number one thing you would LOVE to do if money were no object?

Here are some things people do online as part of their business:






Phone calling



But are those Jobs or Passions?

You might say Dave, my passion is Painting… but I don’t do it because I am trying to make money online.

Another might say… Dave, my passion is Teaching, but I don’t do it, because I am trying to make money online.

I would tell you this: Stop thinking about Making Money and Start living your Passion!

This is called Alignment.

Alignment is gained, when your Actions mirror your passion.

And Your Passion is validated by your Actions.

If you allow your life to be strictly controlled by the desire to make money, you may never experience the Job of living the life of your Passion

Which is most important? Making Money or living a live of your passion that rewards you with Happiness?

Why live life doing the things you hate most?

And by doing so, your feelings of disgust infect your life and your business.

Stop doing the things you hate! And Start doing the things your passionate about!

Once you master your Passion… You will become an attraction to People.

Then you can charge a fee for your expertise

  • Find your Passion!
  • Live your Passion!

That is your Dream life

Enjoy Life!

Dave Shirley



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