Understanding the secret

What You Need To Learn About The Secret And The Science Of Getting Rich

Do you Understand The Secret in the Science of Getting Rich?

Understanding the secret and the science of getting Rich
Understanding The Secret and The Science of Getting Rich

What does it take to get rich? Have you ever asked yourself that question? For most that strive to grow a home business regardless of the niche market that they are in themselves are on a quest to make more money. We all can agree, that there are different levels to what one person might consider being rich.  Furthermore, we can also agree that there are sound principles that must be employed if you want to attract to yourself this better life, a life of abundance, that you are seeking which may include, more time, more money, and even more freedom.

From the book (The Science of Getting Rich) written by Wallace D. Wattles we learned that the ownership of money and property comes as a result of doing things a certain way; those who do things in a certain way, whether on purpose or accidentally, get rich; all those who do not do things in this certain way, no matter how hard they work or how able they are, remain poor.

What can we learn about the law of attraction, and can we use this to attract to us the very things that we want in life? From the book the secret, one of the philosophers and authors mentioned in the book and movie named “The Secret” was none other than Bob Proctor. Bob Proctor is a philosopher, author, and a personal coach and is considered an expert in the area of the law of attraction. Bob says this quote about the movie the secret. The secret gives you anything you want: “happiness, health, and wealth.”

The secret gives you anything you want: happiness, health, and wealth.

Developing the Mindset to understand The Science of Getting Rich should be your number one priority!

One of the keys to attracting what you want out of life is having a winning mindset. One of the greatest things you can work on if you want to attract to you very things in life that you want is this:  You have to change your mind set to match that which you want to achieve.

It does not matter if you believe in this principle “the law of attraction” from a secular or non secular view.  Your view, does not negate the facts that exist. Some even call it spiritual law and from this aspect I believe it’s not a theory, but a fact, the law of attraction is closely related to spiritual law.

What is spiritual law? It’s a law that works every time it is applied correctly. The example of spiritual law is that God never does anything without saying it first. God is a faith God. God released his faith in words. One example of this comes from Mark 11:22 And Jesus answered saying to them, have faith in God. In a more literal translation you could say have the God kind of faith or the faith of God.

You could say have the God kind of faith

God authored the secret!  His Law Powers The Law of Attraction

When you have the God kind of faith, you have the ability to believe that the very words that you speak will come to pass!  You believe that those words will work >>> drawing to you the actions which allow what you want to be delivered from the storehouse of Heaven or in secular terms from the universe.

Ephesians 5:1 says that we are to be imitators of God as children imitate their parents. To imitate God, you must talk like him and act like you. He would not ask you to do something you’re not capable of doing.

Be imitators of God

Here’s a list of things for you to do after you read this post.

  1. Write your specific goals and your vision on paper.
  2. Write your dream for you and your family. This is more time money and freedom that describe more time money and freedom in detail.
  3. Write down on paper, what it would take, for your goals and your vision and your dream to become reality. Be specific.

After you’ve accomplished these three tasks, look for another blog post about what to do next in your search for the secret, and the science of getting Rich.

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Do you understand The Secret in the Science of Getting Rich?




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