7 Deadly Excuses

Learn The 7 Deadly Excuses That May Be Holding You Back

What Excuse Are You Telling Yourself That’s Preventing You From Reaching Your Goals?

7 Deadly ExcusesLet me ask you a question today. What’s the excuse you’ve been telling yourself that’s holding you back?  You see I learned, throughout my many years of working with people, that each of us have a set of limiting beliefs called excuses that we use to get us out of doing something that might seem uncomfortable.

I also know from this experience, that the greatest successes in life, lie beyond the boundaries of what one might consider the comfort zone. It is in this time in life, when we reach out and expand our horizons that we find the success that we’ve always dreamed of. At least it was that way for me, and I believe it will be that way for you to. Today lets look at some of the common excuses the people give for not accomplishing the dreams.

Inside the seven deadly excuses that may be holding you back

  1. I’m Not Educated Enough

Totally untrue, fact is now days people are more educated that any time in history.  With the Dawn of the internet age, there is almost an unending supply of information on practically any subject online.

All you need is a will and desire to learn.  Then you must simply focus and search for the information you need and let go of the Deadly Excuses!  Take it one step at a time… Read, Take notes, then Apply what you have learned.

  1. I Don’t Have Enough Experience

Fact or Fallacy?   I am here to tell you that if you thing you do not have enough experience to learn how to make money from Home or Operate you own business then you suffer from a Fallacy!  I need to remind you of your Life Experiences, what has “Life” taught you?  Both in the Negative realm and the Positive?  What has worked for you?  What has Failed?  Do you not think that someone would Value your book >> 10 things I learned that Failed!

I would read it!

  1. I’m Too Old or Young

Once a gain a Fallacy!  You’re not to Old!  I have personally coached a lady in her 80’s and another in her 70’s that both now have a Successful Online Business!  The Fact that you need to remove from you thinking is the fact that you have Stinkin’ thinkin’!  That’s the real issue here!  You’re only suffering due to a negative belief that you can’t have a business because you’re too old!  Change you’re Thinking, I will help you find your Success!

 Fact or Fallacy?  What’s Holding You Back?

  1. I Don’t Have the Health

Another Fallacy!  What do you think you will be doing if you don’t have your own home business?  Let me guess… you’re going to sit around and work on Crossword Puzzles and watch Oprah on TV.  With just a little Focus, Direction and Planning, you can sit around and draw a Paycheck from your Home Business!  And that’s something I would love to show you how to do!  It’s Easy if your willing!

  1. I Don’t Have Enough Time

Fallacy!   You have time to Read this!  It funny isn’t it!  We have time to do the things we want to do, but if it’s something hard or outside our comfort zone or even unknown… we simply say… I don’t have time!  Fact is, we all have the same amount of time, no more, no less!  It’s the lies will tell ourselves and believe that tend to Rob us of our hopes, dreams and future…  Tell yourself the Truth!  I Can Do This!

  1. No One is Supporting Me

Fact or Fallacy?  Well for this one… it makes no difference!  Who cares!  Once you allow yourself to let go of the need to have or even seek the Approval of others, then you will be free to seek out and accomplish your own dreams!

  1. Your FREE
  2. You don’t need Approval
  3. Your Brilliant
  4. Your Able

When you’re a Success, and you can be… then you will have 100’s that want to support you!  All the naysayers… let’s prove to them we got what it takes!  Lets rid ourselves today of the Deadly Excuses!  Besides, I am here!  Who else do you need for Support?

  1. I Don’t Have the Money

Fallacy!  Once I was at a local gas station in our home town in Missouri.  A lady approached me and said, Sir, I really need your help!  I have another 2 hours to drive to get to my mother’s house and I am out of money and out of Gas.

Could you buy me some Gas?

I walked to her car and happen to look inside.  She had a New Full Carton of cigarettes on the center console.  I said, mam I will help you today!  She was so happy!  I said, I will give you $30 for that Carton of Cigarettes and you can then have money for Gas.

She replied, Oh, No!  I have to have those Cigarettes!   So we did not make the deal and she did not get any Gas!

It’s Funny that we have money for the things we want the most!

What do you want the most?

Your inspired Success

Dave Shirley
Inspiration Dynamo

PS… If your Struggling to make the complete home business thing work… it’s not your fault!  Chances are, you were lied to or even misled about the Process!  I work with People One-on-One that want to Fix the Mess they have gotten themselves into… and End the Deadly Excuses! People that want to live their Dream!

Those are the Folk I Love… that I love to help!

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7 Deadly Excuses That May Be Holding You Back



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