Freedom Fighter Review

Freedom Fighter Review

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Summary:  Freedom Fighters is a system designed to convert cold traffic into buyers.  It was released to the public on July 28, 2014.  It carries the Slogan “How to sponsor 188 People in 60 hours”

The funnel utilizes what is called a Scarcity timer.  This gives your prospect on a limited amount of time to act, before they have to pay the full price.  They are cookie tracked, so even it they come back, they will have to pay the full price for the product.

Freedom Fighters, includes its own Facebook support and membership group and also incorporates a built in Autoresponder.  All of which is automatically set up for you in less than one minute.  It is a robust system without any known problem and is producing sign-ups well at the present time.

Pro’s of Product:  Product is one of the easiest products to market seen to date.  You sole job is to send traffic.  Solo ad traffic is converting very well.  Users are reporting in the group that you can get 1-2 signups from a $35-45 Solo ad!

Product set up is perfect for a New person or someone struggling to make money.  It is also a great ad on revenue stream for the experienced marketer.

Both the program and autoresponder pays out. Program cost $47 monthly and will pay you $30 back per referral.

Autoresponder also pays out 50%

Highlights: Ease of use, low investment, low risk, moderate to high potential payback

Con’s of Product:  None really, the program is sound and functional.  I myself have been able to produce substantial signups with little effort using there copy and simply buying solo ads.


Cost is only concern: $47


Findings during use:  I found the system easy to use as advertised.  There is no fluff, or hidden agendas.  Straight Forward.

Suggestions:  Perfect business to start out with if you’re on a budget and looking for something easy and profitable.

For more information visit this website:

That’s my review.

Dave Shirley



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