Facebook News feeds 101

Facebook News feeds 101


The Facebook ever changing news feeds! I get questions on this every week!  So today I want to make a Valiant effort to Slay the Beast with a down to earth and straight forward explanation of why you may not be getting Comments, Likes or Shares on your status updates or post engagements!

I have included a Video that gives another twist to the issue but on this blog post I want to tell you a Story!

Mary was a southern girl about 35 years old.  She had allot of friends from School and Collage and a extensive “extended family”.

Often Mary would get lonely because none of her friends ever called, and as for her family, she only saw them at Christmas and a few birthdays.

Mary was convinced that no one liked her, and had concluded that her friends and family could care less if she lived or died!

Sounds harsh right!

One day, a insurance salesman stopped by to see Mary, he informed her that she could save 35% on her car insurance but switching to Geico and another 10% my simply referring 5 of her friends or family members.

Mary quickly informed the Geico man that she could not make any referrals because her friends and family never talked to her!

Mr. Geico ask: Mary that’s odd… how many times do you call or go see your friends and family?

Mary replied:  I don’t…. if they wanted to talk they would call or come see me!

Mr. Geico, a gentle and caring man, said: Mary, communication is a Two Way Street!

If you want your friends to talk to you… You might try talking to them first!

Mary was dumbfounded!  What a novel Idea… Two way Communication!

Facebook News feeds  101 States… that for every action there is a equal and opposite reaction!

Also known as one of Newton’s laws!

If you want interaction on your Newsfeed… On Facebook, you have to interact on your Friends news feeds!

Otherwise, Mr. Facebook will simply believe your not interested in each other… and they will not show your updates to your Friends!

Facebook is Social

Social is Communication!

Two way Communication!

Give it a try!  Comment, like and share your friends Post, Updates ect… and what your engagement Skyrocket!


Dave Shirley



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