Clarity and Focus in Business

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Clarity and Focus in Business

I want you to Know about my Keys to Success!  They are Focus and Clarity!

So Today, I want to talk a little about the Keys to Success…

1. Clarity

2. SOS  (Shinny Object Syndrome)

3. Focus

I guess you could say I have become obsessed with the 3 keys ever since I identified them.

But, they are the Foundation for Everything.

Question:  Have you ever Lost Your Keys?  Car… House ?

That SUCKS!  Doesn’t it?

The Truth is … NO other key will work.  You could have 100 keys and if it’s not the Right Key… your 100 keys are Worthless.

Online business is not any different!  You must have the Keys… the Specific Keys to Success!

That’s why I am Obsessed to Share the keys with you.

They are a life Changer!

Do you remember my Story on Struggling with my Home Business?

Well…we will talk more about that soon!

But I also Struggled with Money and Life!

At One time… I was Totally lost… I feared defeat, and the embarrassment that goes along with it…

Lets look at that place Again…

“I remember one night I was just sitting there in our living room… praying and I asked God… is there nothing better?  I had always believed that God would hear prayers, and answer those that call upon his Name.

But finally, I too, simply gave up… and come to the realization that I was just going to have to accept that this is how life is going to be”…

I thought at one time in my own life that we were just meant to be BROKE… and we were very close to that!

But, here is what I learned>> A Failure Mindset will keep you in FAILURE!

I had developed a Failure Mindset… and I carried it for almost 15 years!  Hard to believe isn’t it… what could I have accomplished years ago if my mindset had been one of a Winning, Abundance Mindset?

I could have had everything!

Let Me Ask… What’s Your Mindset?

Failure and Doom?


Success and Abundance?

I can help you with both!

Let’s talk more Tomorrow…

I guess… Tomorrow I should actually Tell you about Focus, Clarity and Success!  Lol I will!

I Value YOU!

Dave Shirley

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