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Day 18 of 30 in the Series the Feelings of Dave Shirley Titled : The Law of Reciprocity.  Robert did a Video training a few days ago on this subject and it hit me so hard that I had to research it further.  I also discovered a Video from Pat Robertson on the same subject.  The Importance of reciprocity is in knowing that what you send out to others it what returns to you.

Watch this>> The Power of Reciprocity

 Watch this Video from Robert Hollis.  He Talks about being a Go Giver and The Law of Reciprocity!

The Rule of Reciprocity firmly states that we are all bound — even driven — to repay debts of all kinds. Someone does something for you. Then you feel obligated to repay. It’s an almost automatic reaction.

For example: You’re mailing invitations for a party and decide to invite that couple down the street. You don’t like them. You don’t really want them at your party. However, they invited you to their party four months ago, so you feel compelled to invite them to yours.

You get a Christmas card from someone you haven’t heard from in years and immediately add their name to your mailing list. You know they’re not part of your life anymore. You may never see them again. You already send way too many cards. But, they sent a card to you, so you automatically send one in return.

A co-worker asks you to fill in for him over the weekend and you agree without thinking. You even had plans. However, he filled in for you once before, so how can you refuse?

Reciprocity is at work in all these examples. When one person does something for another, that other person senses that a debt is owed and is compelled to repay.

Why does Reciprocity work like this? Because like all the principles of influence that we’ll discuss, Reciprocity is a shortcut for making decisions. Life is too complicated to carefully evaluate every element of every situation, so we learn to take shortcuts to help us make what are usually reasonable and reliable decisions.

These decisions are based on very limited information. If you’re looking for investment advise, for example, you may choose a newsletter based solely on the authority of the publisher (another principle of influence we’ll look at later in this series).

With Reciprocity, we are able to quickly decide whether to do something for someone based solely on our prior experience with that person. So, if someone has done something for us, and they ask for a favor later on, we often quickly — and automatically — decide to say, “Yes.”

Just how powerful is Reciprocity? It’s more than just a polite urge to play fair with people. Sociologist Alvin Gouldner says that there is no human society on earth that does not follow the Rule of Reciprocity.

And cultural anthropologists Lionel Tiger and Robin Fox go as far as to claim that we live in a “web of indebtedness” and this web is central to the human experience, responsible for the division of labor, all forms of commerce, and how society is organized into interdependent units.

Therefore, Reciprocity is a deep and powerful principle that, under the right circumstances, is all but impossible to resist.

And studies show that it can generate a “yes” response to your requests even if your initial gift is not asked for. Or when the person you’re giving a gift to doesn’t like you. Or when the gift obviously results in an unfair or uneven exchange.

Curated From http://www.directcreative.com/influence-and-persuasion-the-rule-of-reciprocity.html
by Dean Rieck

I did some additional Research on the Subject of Reciprocity and came across this Very Good Video by Pat Robertson!

This teaching is Sound and Applicable to you and you Development!

Luke 6:38King James Version (KJV)

 Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again.

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