Help Mentor Needed!

Business can be Rewarding, or It can me a Challenge.  Statistics prove that 98% of all the people that have any type of online home business FAIL. 98% Fail! Are you Struggling?  Honest Question! Napoleon Hill once wrote: The Devil’s greatest weapon over People is Poverty, and Fear.  He deliberately try’s to derail you! He … Read more…

I lost My I.U.D! Internet Unique Direction


I lost My I.U.D! Have you lost your Internet Unique Direction? First what is your Internet Unique Direction?  Well first lets talk about you… and since I don’t know you yet, I have to assume or guess.  I think your a business owner, and your looking for ways to better promote your business.  You have … Read more…

The Struggle to Win! Now… It’s Time For War!

The Struggle to Win! Now… It’s Time For War! Listen to the Struggle to win!  Then click the Link Below for more information! Current Social Networking Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with The Dave Shirley Show on BlogTalkRadio For more information go to