Do You Suck At Cold Calling Prospects

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Do you have a Problem with running out of Prospects or have you resulted to the destitute of Cold Calling Prospects? What is Cold Calling Prospects? Cold Calling, refers to calling people randomly from a list. This list is of people who are somehow related to the business being promoted and the purpose of calling them … Read more…

First Interview With Master Marketer Ryan McMorris

Dave Shirley 
Mentor, Coach

Surprise Interview With Ryan McMorris I had a chat on Skype in Nov 2014 with Ryan McMorris… I said Ryan, we should just make this a interview… Ryan Agreed! We Talked for 23 minutes in this Interview with Ryan McMorris about his Goals in Online Business! I would suggest you take the time to listen … Read more…

How To Recruit More Reps Into Your Business

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Have you ever needed help Recruiting Reps into your Home Business? It does not matter if its a Network Marketing business, MLM or any other.  The Principles are the same.   In order to maintain your edge and profit margin you must learn to be a Top Recruiter and have the skills to keep those … Read more…