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What’s A Top Tier Business?

What is A Top Tier Business?  Well that’s a real good question!  What’s a Bottom Tier Business?  Another good question… So lets start at the bottom and work our way to the Top!

Most Guru’s Lie!  That’s just a Fact and a Reality of the nature of marketing online!  You can wish it wasn’t so, you can bitch about it, and complain and yell Scam!  But it’s the nature… almost like used car salesmen!

How to you start at the Bottom… and make money?  Is that Bottom Tier?  Well sure… its the bottom, its where you start.  But there are many ways to do it and many teachers out there that claim to have the answers!  Did you know that Guru means Teacher?

Guru = Teacher!

But are they all teaching success or just collecting money?  Well both!  I would venture to say All are Teachers!  Just not all are Good Teachers!

What the Guru your following may have not told you is this…

1.  You need a few products to pay for your cost of lead generation.

You need some of your own products to promote that pay you real commissions!  If your stuck on just promoting Affiliate offers, perhaps on JVZoo or Clickbank, then you may make some money, but your not going to load up the bank.  You need same high payout products! (Legal Ones)

2. Fact is, Your first product that you produce yourself, has a very high unlikely hood of making anything!

Why? Well its simple, you probably don’t have the infrastructure to support it, or the following of loyal people to buy it!  That leaves you with the daunting task of Advertising!  And that, for a newbie is a task that’s almost impossible to turn a profit at… off the start!


A.  Learning Curve to make your advertising work and convert

B.  Money!  It takes money to run ads!  Allot of it!

3.  Affiliate marketing Sucks!

Fact is, Yes it sucks… If your just starting out and your portion of the payout is 15-30% your going to make $15-30 per $100 in sales.  What if it cost $45 in advertising to make a Sale? And it will… your in the hole $15…  That sucks!

Why Top Tier vs. Bottom Tier?

Well the answer is Clear!  Why start at the Bottom… and fight to learn… when you can start at the Top and learn from Top Earners.

You can sell their program… and make Top Commissions!

Why spend your money developing a product… that wont sell?  Let the pro’s do the development!  Let the pro’s do the testing, let the pro’s set up all the Support, answer all the questions… and deal with the back office crap!

You should start at the Top and Focus on Three things!

1. Learning!

2. Selling!

3. Collecting Money!

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Dave Shirley
Bad Guru Slayer!

Mind Power, Unleash YOU!

mind power

Have you ever wondered why some have success and others don’t?  Why a set of rules, followed to the letter produce 100% different outcomes?

Why some live the Dream… and others stop Dreaming?

Well, the fact is that it takes more than talent to produce success.  It takes will power, vision, desire and the list goes on.  I read a interesting article on where this power comes from… and regardless if you believe or don’t, its an interesting read.

See my Comments at the Bottom of the post!

Now here is the Story!

How Thought Vibration Works

Thought vibration cannot be heard, seen or smelled. However, it is as real as anything that you see around you.

This vibration is so intense that it takes shape instantly in a non-physical reality.

However, as it cannot be sensed in this physical world, you may not give much significance to it.

Thought vibration is higher than your senses can detect.

Your senses are capable to catch just a friction of the vibrations surrounding you. You miss out on most of the reality as a result.

Thought vibration is similar to radio waves. However, radio waves are within the range of your perception, therefore you are able to hear them.

You may find it hard to believe that thoughts are powerful enough to manifest themselves into your reality. Why? Because it is hard for you to perceive something that you cannot touch, hear or smell. However, thoughts create your life no matter if you believe it or not.

Thought vibration works the same way as a magnet. Magnet has the capability to attract very heavy objects to itself, yet you cannot see the force causing the attraction. However, you do not neglect the fact that magnet attracts objects.

The only difference in magnet force is that it can instantly attract objects to itself. Thought, however, takes time to manifest. Why? Because firstly you manifest goals in a non-physical reality. Then this manifestation needs your persistence to finally present itself in your reality.

You might ask at this point why your manifestation needs persistence to come. Why can’t it manifest instantly? My honest answer would be that I don’t know. It could be so to protect you. As if you think about something horrible, you would not want this manifestation to come instantly to your life, would you?

Most people’s minds are so untrained, it is pure chaos there. It would be too much for a person to handle if he would manifest everything he is thinking of.

It might also be this way so as to reward only those who are persistent enough. It would not be fair for everyone to have what they wish because even lazy people would get all they want.

So you may notice a balance here. Those that take time to learn thought vibration will eventually apply everything they know and manifest whatever they desire. Yet lazy people will get results that resonate with their behaviour. Life is fair, isn’t it?

Thought Vibration Application

As soon as you think of something, you create it in a non-physical reality. It waits for you to get it. You keep thinking of it, and it comes closer and closer to you. Everything is good so far. But here’s where most people fail. They forget to take action.

You have to take some action to get what you want. If you don’t move, you will not get any results.

You can act in two ways. First (my favourite one) works this way:

You think of a thought, hold it long enough and then wait. After some time (couple of days or even hours) you will get some idea. This idea comes from the unconscious, starting to guide you towards the achievement of your goal.

If the idea seems right for you, you should act on it straight away – don’t forget to thank for it though.

You will know if the idea has reached you through the unconscious rather than from your own logical mind. The idea will be ‘out of the blue’ and uncommon to your thinking.

I will give you a personal example here. I started to invite thought into reality through positive affirmations. I kept repeating: “Every day I receive plenty of money making ideas, I act on them and make plenty of money.” Did it work? You bet!!!

Great ideas started to pour out of nowhere. I would turn on my laptop, browse through some websites, and just spot the opportunities to make money. I would also get offers straight to my email inbox.

I got so many money making ideas that I did not know where to start! I had to stop these affirmations and really make some decisions. I took two great ideas and started to work on them.

My mind was calm as I knew that these ideas came from the unconscious through the direct request of mine. I knew that they will make money, as I asked for the money making ideas.

Another way you could act is by taking any action while thinking about your goal. Just keep the goal at the back of your mind at all times, and take any action that you think will lead to the achievement of the goal.

This way you will start the process of manifestation. You may notice that you may be corrected later on if you take the wrong action. Something may happen which will cause you to take a different action. That is okay, just go with the flow. No resistance is needed.

Thought vibration also has some obstacles to go through. These obstacles are thoughts of others. You are not the only thinking person in this world. The ether is filled with billions of thoughts. Some of them resonate with yours, some don’t.

If your goal is very big (e.g., if you are poor and you want to become a multi-millionaire), your thought will have to travel a long way.

That’s why it is important to hold your thought long enough. You have to keep refuelling this vibration, until it is strong and can travel on its own.

Not even mentioning thoughts of others, what about your own thoughts? You may have hundreds of different thoughts in your head that conflict with each other. So if you want to become very wealthy, but some of your thoughts are about impossibility of becoming wealthy, how can you manifest riches?

The way to get rid of your limiting beliefs is by using positive affirmations (to change mindset) and meditation (to get rid of negative thoughts). These two steps I highly recommend. Them alone can make you very successful.

Once you get rid of your limiting beliefs you will notice that goals manifest much quicker. It is because the vibration you send does not have as many obstacles to go through. You will spend less time visualising and refuelling your dreams. They will manifest much easier.

Thoughts also have the capability to multiply themselves. This is because of the law of increase. If you keep thinking about riches, you will be able to attract other people’s thoughts about riches. It will strengthen your vibration and you will eventually become rich.

The only thing is, there are many more people who have limiting and depressed thoughts… That’s why it is much easier to become poor and a coward than to become wealthy and courageous.

If you introduce some limiting thought vibration in your head, it will waste no time inviting its friends: sad, depressing, angry and worrying thoughts.

This especially applies if you live with fearful people or have angry neighbours. As soon as you become angry, their thoughts will find you and deepen your anger.

If you want to become a successful person, you will have to be persistent in positive thinking. Others positive thoughts will reach you, but you may feel it only slightly.

Distance plays a role here. If a very successful person is far away from you, his/her thought will reach you. However, it will not be felt as strongly as some limiting thought you might get from your neighbour.

I know that it is easy to fall into the depressing thought vibration. But you have to think only positively if you want to get out of your current reality. Only you can help yourself, no one else can.

If you find it hard to hold positive thought vibration, just think about the rewards you will get. Is living your dream worth spending time thinking positively? I’m sure it is.

Don’t ever give up in whatever you do. Do not fall back where the masses are. It’s too crowded there anyway.

It is so much better to live a life of your dreams. And it is achievable. You will have to pay the price, of course, but the rewards will be worth every second of your persistence.

My thoughts on Positive Thinking (Mind Power)

dave4 300

The main difference between one person employing a set of rules, steps or guidelines is the outlook they have on the outcome.  You ability to see the end result and believe that it will come to pass has a dramatic affect on that outcome.

People that say:

  • I can’t do that — Usually are correct!
  • Its too hard — That too proves correct!
  • I always fail — Programming yourself with failure!

A success minded individual will program themselves for success before the first action takes place!

So the #1 difference between someone who is successful vs. someone not is….


If you would like to work on Your Mindset… and change it to produce success, I can help!

Email me at

Lets talk Positive!

Dave Shirley

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I Quit!  The Mindset Killer

I can’t do it! That was the words Mary used as she decided the fate of her first home business. How many times have I heard those words throughout my profession in home business.

dave4 300

Back in 1993, I had the opportunity to get started an amazing company called Amway.

Now it’s important to note, that this article has nothing to do with Amway, my past involvement, or that of any particular company. For we to, in 1993, uttered those devastating but all too familiar words.

I can’t do it!

The master of all dream killers, and the main contributor to the vast majority of failures in life and home business can be directly related to the use whether direct or indirect of those laser targeted destructive words. In all forms of consciousness, they lead to failure.

As Mary spoke to me on the phone, I could hear the passion in her voice gone. What was this passion that Mary had that can only be summed up by the desire to live the Dream and experience:

1. More time

2. More money

3. More freedom

Now, on this day, we could dive in to the concepts surrounding that will to have more time, more money, and more freedom.  However, to become more productive in this article we will bypass the definitions and explanations of those three areas.

Mary, simply said Dave, I can’t do it. I quit!

It was no surprise as those words left Mary’s mouth, that they would almost shatter her dreams throughout the fabric of space and time. For those that know success, know that it can be most easily achieved by employing proper mindset.

Let’s look at another example that will take us away from the realm of home business ownership.

At some point in time each and every one of us has seen images of a bodybuilder. Now a successful bodybuilder will more than likely employ the physical and mindset characteristics of these five next topics.

1. A Vision! 

What does it mean to have a vision? Well from my own personal opinion, a vision would be your ability to see your goal in its reality state in you.  Sounds complicated! But really, your ability to see yourself in a place or position that is the fulfillment of your wants, your needs, your desires, is absolutely critical to your ability to achieve success.

2. A Desire! 

What is desire? In layman’s terms… Or perhaps just mine! Desire is nothing more than a inner willingness to achieve your goals. Perhaps a more stringent and focused definition might be a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen.

3. A Inner Passion!

What is passion? And how is it absolutely critical to your ability to sustain your vision, your desire, your dedication, and your hard work?

Passion in my terms describes the one single thing in you that you would absolutely love to do more than anything else you can imagine. It is the focal point of all your energy, all your creativity, it is what will produce your very best.

When asking the Question… What’s your passion? I generally ask people:  If You could do or be anything what would that be? And why?

Passion is your fuel to accomplish your dreams.

4. Dedication. 

What is dedication? Dedication is very simple. Dedication is your ability to be committed to a task or purpose without losing your focus until that purpose or task becomes reality.

5. Hard work. 

What is hard work? I would describe hard work as, after you have given 100% of all you have, give 100 more.

In summary, of the groundbreaking research and teachings of the late Jim Rohn, one particular part bears resemblance to why some Succeed and other Fail or Quit!

“Most things are, easy to do, but also easy not to do”.

When we talk about having a vision, exploring your desire, releasing your inner passion, applying dedication, and giving 200%.  In this concept, we find that each one of these areas contain things that are easy to do, yet easy not to do.

Mary said: I can’t do this I quit!

And in that moment, Mary’s vision,  dedication, and passion died!

The number one killer of home businesses is the words…I can’t.

If you’re reading this article today. Your very first task in developing a winning mindset is to abandon failure, and develop a mindset of I can.

Your Second, Abandon Failure!  Employ your Vision, Desire, Passion, Dedication and Hard Work!

If it’s your Passion… It should be “Easy to do”

Dave Shirley
People, Passion, Purpose!

23 Keys to being more Productive!

23 Keys to being more Productive!

In this real quick video I want to share with you something that helped me a lot and help me to be extremely productive in my home business.

What I found to be a problem with new home business owners and with some really successful home business owners is time management and productivity.

Now working from home is great but sometimes you could end up having too much freedom! And You can simply have too much time to do all the things you want to do around the house with your kids your wife or your spouse.

Then it Hits!  And all of a sudden you find yourself really trying to play catch-up when it comes to your home business.

What other people say…

Most people will tell you when you’re starting a home business you can run it one to two hours a day and you’ll be just fine,but I’ve found that it takes me about 3 to 4 hours a day of good solid work to get everything I need to do… completed!

There is one thing that has really help me to be more productive >>

Its about 23 productivity tips to help you grow your home business and actually start to be more efficient!

It will help you, It did me!   Help you to ensure that your time is well spent on activities that actually make you money.

These are the best 23 productivity tips that I could put together.

Hopefully they will help you to start to manage your time better and show you how you can really start to make sure that you’re getting paid for your time.

Because we know that with a home business you only get paid for your results.

Remember now, if you have any questions or you want to shoot me a message about what you personally do for your productivity,  I would love to hear how you stay productive what kind of strategies you use.

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Dave Shirley


Do you ever ask yourself… where did the Day go? I did not get anything Done!I put to use these 23 Productivity Secrets! Completely different Results!

How To Set-up Facebook Ads

Do you advertise on Facebook?  Do you find it to be intimidating?  I have put together a complete course on Facebook ads for my Readers!  But today I will give you some excerpts from that course and you will have to Opportunity at the end to get the complete course!

Step 1 Create your ads

Choose your advertising objective!  You must determine which of the Advertising Categorizes best fits your objective!

When you’re ready to create your ad, go to the ads create tool and choose your advertising objective


facebook ads objective

Step 2 Set or Choose Your Audience (More included in the course)

Choose the audience for your ad

Decide who you want to see your ad. Use controls to limit who sees your ad by their age, gender, location, etc. The audience size shown roughly indicates the number of people on Face book who might see your ad. Ads with higher budgets will reach more people of the potential audience.

Target people who are more likely to respond to your ad by using interests to narrow your potential audience.

Check to see that your targeting summary is correct on the right side!

Step 3 Campaign Pricing

Set a budget for your ads

Before you can set a budget for your ads, make sure you’ve prepared your creative and started creating your ads.

Set your budget:

The cost of advertising on Face book depends on the size of your audience and your budget. This section will help you determine your budget for your campaign.

Choose whether you’d like to set a budget per day or for a set period of time.

If you’d like to spend a set amount of money on your ad campaign over its duration, you can do so using the lifetime budget option.

What does my daily budget control?

Your daily budget controls how much you’ll spend on a specific ad set each day. Each ad set will have a separate budget, so keep this in mind if you have more than one active ad set in your account. Your ads will automatically stop showing once your daily budget for the ad set has been met for that day.

Keep in mind that you’ll never accrue charges in excess of the budget you set. You can also set a lifetime budget, which lets you choose an amount to spend over the entire scheduled lifetime of the ad set.

What is lifetime budgeting?

Lifetime budgets are similar to a daily budget but instead of setting an amount to spend per day, you set a lifetime budget to spend across the lifetime of the ad set. Our system will automatically try to spread your spend out evenly across the entire period of time that you’ve selected. For example, if you specify a $100 USD budget for a 10-day ad set, you’ll spend about $10 per day. If the ad set only spends $8 on the first day, the system will try to make up the missed amount at a later date within the ad set.

What is the minimum daily budget for an ad set?

The minimum daily budget for any ad set is $1.00 USD and must be at least 2 times your cost per click (CPC) bid. For example, if you have a $1.00 CPC, your daily budget must be at least $2.00.

Campaign Schedule: Choose Run my ad set continuously starting today to start running your ad continuously when it’s approved or select Set a start and end date to select a specific start and end date to run when it’s approved.

Set an account spend limit for your ad account:

An account spend limit allows you to set an overall spend limit for an entire ad account. It ensures that all ads in your account stop running once your account spends the amount you’ve indicated.

When you set your budget, you should make sure to set an an account spend limit to ensure that all ads in your account stop running once your account spends the amount you’ve indicated.

As Far as choosing Images here are some tips…

Choose your images

Image size: For most ads, the recommended image size is 1200×627, so it’s good to have at least a few images that are this size.

  • If you get an error while you’re uploading your images for your ad, you may want to check out our Ads Product Guide for more details on image sizes for specific ads
  • If you know exactly what type of ad you want to create, check out the recommended creative information for specific placements on Facebook in our Ads Product Guide.

Edit your text and links

Make sure your content will look the way you want in desktop News Feed, mobile News Feed and the right column by clicking on each tab to preview the different versions. If you don’t want your ad to show a specific placement, use the Remove option.

Please leave me a Comment on this Course if you go Value!   I love to help young marketers get started, contact me if I can help!

You can get the complete course on Facebook Ads 101 here:


Dave Shirley

Taking Responsibility For Your Success

The messenger of Success YOU

Have you ever wondered, if life was all that could be? A great myth in American society often conceived by the idea that somehow, someway, we are all entitled to a great life. First off, we must determine what indeed is a great life. Is that a life filled with moments of happiness joy and triumph? Or is it a life more ruled by a monetary value engaged by our ability to attain great wealth?

Along this journey many people find themselves questioning and wondering is it all possible to have the success of my dreams.  Often times along this road to success, every man’s dreams will be clouded by the irony of reality, when to each his own faces… the common everyday struggles of life.

And in this time of struggle and hardship mankind is often looking for a scapegoat, a way out, someone to blame for when things apparently go wrong.

A Quote From Jim Rohn

Jim Rohn said; “you must take responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself“. That was from Jim Rohn America’s foremost business philosopher.

dave4 300

Now I’m no Jim Rohn, I’m merely a mortal man, however in my journeys through life, business and I too have found the image in mirror to be the telltale sign of my own weakness. Often times in my life when I faced my most perilous moments I to look in the mirror only to say why… why am I not successful, and who’s to blame.

The reflection in the mirror never lies, and in reality if I was man enough to admit, I had my own self to blame. So in reality, as reality strikes, there is but one person to blame and that is yourself. That reality is strikingly accurate and as straightforward as it may be, and you and you alone stands to bear the burden of acceptance, acceptance that’s Yes… it’s me to blame, but fact is acceptance is the first step in resolution.

Another Fact, if you want to be successful, you have to take 100% responsibility for everything that you have experienced in your life. This may include your achievements, any results you might’ve produced, and even the very relationships you’re involved in, it could be a matter of health or even physical fitness, income claims and income aspirations, feelings of joy, sadness and even the realization and shock of your debts, all come into play when you examine why, why am I struggling for success.

It is often all too common in each and every member of mankind to be conditioned to blame someone outside of ourselves for the parts of our life we simply don’t like. Or you can turn to some astrological charts, some wizards and rub even crystal balls to try to discover what you’re missing in the big picture.

But I’ve often found, a simple trip to the bathroom mirror, reveals the number one culprit in the game we call life. At inside myself and inside you, lies the reason and if embraced, every answer you need to be successful.

And as author Jack Canfield would write, back in 1969, only one year out of graduate school, I had the good fortune to work with W Clement Stone.  He was a self-made millionaire worth 600 million at the time.  And that was long before all millionaires came along in the 1990s. Jack Canfield writes Stone was also an American premier success guru. He was a publisher of success magazine, author of the success system that never fails, and co-author with Napoleon Hill of success through a positive mental attitude.

jack canfield

Mr. Canfield goes on to say when I come pleading my first weeks orientation, Mr. Stone asked me if I took 100% responsibility for my life. Mr. Canfield said I think so, and then replied simply…well, I guess I’m not sure.

He went on to say have you ever blamed anyone for any circumstance in your life? Have you ever complained about anything? Jack would reply… I guess I have… Then the reply came don’t guess. Think! Jack replied simply by saying yes, I have.

In a reply that would put anyone on the spot Jack was simply told that means you don’t take 100% responsibility for your life. Taking 100% responsibility means you acknowledge that you create everything that happens to you. It means you understand that you are the cause of all your experiences.

If you want to be really successful, and I know you do, then you will have to give up blaming and complaining and take total responsibility for your life, that means all your results, both your successes and your failures.

Thus the prerequisite for creating a life of success. It is only by acknowledging that you have created everything up until now and that you can take charge of creating the future you want. As Jack was told, if you realize that you have created your current conditions, then you can uncreate them and re-create them it will.

I guess by reading, and hearing the words of this blog post, perhaps you can determine on your own who has responsibility for your life.

A great quote from George Washington Carver simply reads “99% of all failures come from people who have a habit of making excuses”. George Washington Carver was a chemist who discovered 325 uses for the peanut.

But, all by myself, I can only think of one… Peanut butter.

I encourage you, live the life of your dreams, look into the mirror that hangs on every American wall. And ask yourself these three simple questions.

  • Who am I?
  • What is my goal?
  • Whose duty is it to fulfill it?

And if you’re honest with yourself, the person you see in the mirror can answer all three of those questions in great detail.

People ask me all the time, Dave how did you learn to be successful?  I Often tell people, success is a journey not a destination.  And as long as that journey is one you enjoy, success comes relatively easy.

Three things you need for success:

  • A Goal
  • A Destination
  • A Way to Get There!

What you will find in Business

In business you may find, it would be much simpler to take a logical well calculated approach to finding a roadmap for your success.

My number one resource for finding that roadmap over all the years that I’ve been online in business, is My Lead System Pro. My Lead System Pro gives every business owner, or potential owner, every single tool necessary for success.  I started my first home business back in 1993, back then we did not have MLSP, but… we did not even have the Internet. Now times are different and the Internet has simply become a mainstay in practically all home businesses.

I would love to take you under my wing, and show you all the intricacies that MLSP can solve for you in your home business.  I’m not saying your week, or even incapable of doing this on your own, but what I am saying is… I would like to open my notebook, the notebook of my journey through life and business and perhaps see if there is any parallels that our paths cross… in an effort to help you lighten your load and make your journey one thats simple, less stressful, and more rewarding than the image in the mirror has perceived.

I invite you today to take a test drive of MLSP! And Me, Myself and I, Dave Shirley will be more than happy to be your mentor and guide.

Please refer all questions, and even any answers that you may have, to

You can join me in this Journey with MLSP here>>

Dave Shirley

Looking To Quick Start Your Business?

Vet plan

Yes, that Headline is a pretty bold statement, but as you will read be low, I can back it up.

I constantly have $1,000 – $3,000 dollar days in my online business and it’s my mission to show others how to do the same.

And if you found this page, then you are probably looking for a way to make money.

That’s where I was 21 years ago.

When I talk to my students today and they hear my story, they are amazed to learn that my success did not happen overnight.

I am now in a place where I can help others overcome their struggles and save them the thousands of hours of heartache and the multiple thousands of dollars of money that I went through to get where I am today.


But I was NOT an overnight success.  That could not be farther from the truth.

Let me explain.

When I think about my story, I can remember it like it was yesterday.

My story actually starts back in 1993, long before the Internet and smartphones (I know, hard to believe there was such a time!).

I was a mechanic working two jobs to support my family.

I had a wife and 2 kids and like most other people, money was tight and we were just getting by, living paycheck to paycheck.

My wife was stressed to the point that often, she simply broke down from the pressure, fear of losing our home.

The fear of not making rent overshadowed any chance of what one might consider a normal life.

I remember once as we sat on the corner of our makeshift bed.

We only had a mattress and box springs and an old dresser that I had picked up at a garage sale.

That night I sat with her as tears rolled out of her bloodshot eyes, and I held her trembling hands so tight that I thought I might break them if I was to grip any tighter.

Her fear for us was real and was only amplified by the fact that I was never home because of the long hours I was working.

That just made the whole situation worse.

Simply put, yes we desperately needed money, but she needed me, her husband, to make her world simple and OK.

I remember one night I was just sitting there in our living room praying and I asked God is there nothing better than this?

I had always believed that God would hear prayers, and answer those that call upon his name.

But finally after too many sleepless nights, I simply gave up and came to the realization that I was just going to have to accept that this is how life is going to be.

Finally, a gift from God??

Little did I know that my prayer was going to be answered, or so I thought.

I want you to visualize our situation.

A wife, two kids and a husband (that would be me), working two jobs, fighting with his blood sweat and tears to pay the bills.

I was doing everything I knew to make this simple “life” work.

As remarkable as one would expect an answered prayer to be, the very next day a friend asked me a question?

Dave, do you need to make some extra money?

Now what comes next is a crazy but real story that I am sharing with you today because it builds the framework that controls my life over the next 15 years on a roller coaster ride called success and failure.

I remember that day well. I was working in a garage in Nebraska.

One of our regular customers, a customer I had come to know as a friend, came in to get work done on his car.

On this particular day, I had just finished the car maintenance at the same time he arrived to pick up his car.

Looking back, it’s almost funny now to hear his words.

He came in and said “Dave, would you be interested in making some money, $300 – $500 extra dollars a month, if you know if it would not interfere with what your currently doing?”

I said, I sure am! I definitely need the money! Whats this all about?

He said well, I can’t tell you right now.  And now thinking about it, it’s probably not right for you anyway. Then he just laughed and hopped in the car I had just spent all day working on and left.

I thought that’s strange why would someone ask me if I wanted to make some extra money then tell me it was not right for me?

I tried to brush if off as the week progressed.

But the more I thought about it, I really did need the money, the angrier I got!

The next Wednesday, I drove to his house early one morning (remember I said no cell phones then!) and knocked on his door.

I remember this very clearly!

He answered the door in his bathrobe, and I said straight up Hey, what’s this job about? I need that money!

We talked for 10 minutes or so and he said to me Dave, if you want to know what this is about, you and your wife need to be here tomorrow night at 7PM sharp! Don’t be late!

After a few more words I said ok and still left with no measurable knowledge of what “Making Money” was going to require me to do.

canvas big

The next night we went to the meeting and I tell you, I was blown away I saw a simple plan to create a “Home Business”.

As he showed us the business plan I got excited!!

I left there that night seeing in my mind how this solid plan for a home business was going to work.

And how it was the answer to all my prayers and heartache for my family!

As he explained it I just needed a simple solution to what only seemed like to me a permanent problem.

All I had to do was help other people start their own home business!

Simple enough, right?


I left there with the belief that if I just showed this same thing to a few friends and family, my business would grow.  I could easily make the money we needed in a few short months!!

I left excited almost feeling like a kid on Christmas morning and I couldn’t wait for everything to start!

Now, he told me the very first thing I needed to do was make a list of all the people I knew, all my friends and family.

This Was What I Now Call The Dreaded “Call Them and Kill It Plan”

I knew all we had to do was make these calls to everyone we knew and we were going to kill it in this new home business!!

So that’s what I did.

We went home and made a list that night of everyone we knew and over the next few weeks and months, I harassed each and every person I knew with my new “save the world” home business opportunity!

With every no, and they were all no’s, my excitement soon faded.

I was now convinced that this home business called Network Marketing was a SCAM, and that there was absolutely no way something like this could ever be done!

Not by me and really not by anyone!

Somehow I pressed on tried to find the yes’s – the one’s that would help me build my dream help me pay my bills!

However, reality struck my world quite differently.

My friends disowned me and I experienced what I thought at the time was the darkest part of my life.

As I talked on the phone and failed, my hope, my plan, my dream and our future crumbled!

I kept pushing against resistance and got nowhere…

By this time, my mind had drifted back to my youth

My mother’s words screamed out, filling the emptiness inside “David, you can’t do anything right”

So finally, I Quit!!

I quit the business; I gave up on the dream, and gave up on my hope for a better life!

The image and reality was etched in stone.

Struggle, Dave that’s your life! And that’s all its ever going to be.

It’s funny, now that I have so much success, that my image my life and what it could be was so narrow, so shallow!

And that would play out in attempt after attempt to prove Mother wrong!

I knew I could do anything I set my mind to, no matter what she said!

I guess you could say I was pre-destined to try this home business “thing” as again as a new friend and neighbor introduced us to yet another opportunity.

I was resistant.  There was no way I was going to try this again.

But of course his argument seem perfectly reasonable.

And “it sounded” much like the solution to more time, more money and more freedom that I had heard before.

I immediately refused him on his offer, and did so another 5-6 times.

In my mind it was all just some crafty idea to make the guy on top a ton of money, while all the “Monkeys” who do all the work, swinging through the trees searching the forest for “the ones”.

Looking for the few that say yes.  And few do!

But finally, I gave in and gave it another try.

I repeated the same process with the same result.

This time I was done.

I guess I became the salesman on why not to have a home business!

Scam City




And I had a long and distinguished list of reasons or (which I learned later in life were actually my limiting beliefs!).



  • It’s a Scam
  • Only the top people make money
  • I am not smart enough
  • Its simply too hard
  • My friends hate me
  • And the list goes on

I knew now that this was never going to work.  Not now, not in a million years!

Lets just bury this chapter of our life and forget it!

I was still against it, up to the very bitter end.

Then I found myself coming home after talking to my friend again (mind you this was MONTHS later).

I asked my wife what she thought.

And bless her and her belief in me.  She said “Honey, this is new business, we can do this!”

And she was right!

Over the next few months we sponsored 30-35 people into this new business and hit our target income of $300 – $500 a month!!

I had finally found success, after all this time and after all the heartache and struggle.

I was a proud home business owner.

And my wife was happy, because we got to work together and spend more time together!

Then, the harsh realization hit us harder than a ton of bricks

For the first time in my life, I knew beyond any doubt that my dream of time, money and freedom was coming true and I could not wait to show others.

I had developed the ability to enroll people almost at will into our new home business.

But then reality set in.

Sustaining that model was another story.

You see what do you do when all those people finish with their own “Hot List”?

You know, the one with THEIR friends and family?

What do you do? When their well runs dry?

It was easy to recruit, but then most people after about 3 months just start dropping out, almost faster than you can count.

No amount of help, advice, or begging will change it.

You see, in my business model I had no plan to sustain their engagement, no plan to stay in constant contact.

In those days there were no Facebook mastermind groups and as my people quit, my business completely failed.

So here I was again.

I don’t know if you can believe it, but I was really done this time!

There was no way I could ever have the courage, the will, the empowerment to rebuild this again.

I did not want to build another business in that model because you can’t sustain it!

I was done!

More importantly, if I could not get long term results for myself how was I going to get long term results for others which was more important to me than even my own success.

Our friends and family, the so called “Hot List” was exhausted.

Hell I was exhausted!

But I had one major problem, a problem greater than all this combined I still had “The Dream”

In the bottom of my heart, with all the knowledge inside I knew this home business thing could work with the right people!

People that wanted the freedom that only the lifestyle of the successful could bring.

But with my list exhausted, where could I find them?

dave4 300

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Tips From Ray Higdon On Recruiting

ray higdon

Some companies or trainers only teach warm market recruiting, the problem with that is three-fold:

1. It assumes you have a great warm market, not everyone does.

2. Even if you do have a great warm market, you will eventually recruit someone who doesn’t and you will want to teach them how to do it.

3. When learned properly, cold market recruiting can be done while you are out, and if you are in network marketing to impact others, why would you keep a great opportunity from people who may be looking?

It can most certainly be uncomfortable when talking to strangers but I believe the below video will help you and your teammates out greatly!

Curated from Rays Blog at >

Something you might want to consider if you out prospecting…

  • Simply ask people if they are happy with what they are currently doing

For example, lets say you walk up to a cashier and a local store.  You can ask; Do you like this job and working here?
If they say No or give a indication that they might be unhappy…

Then you simply ask, well would you be interested in doing something else on the side, if it would not interfere with what your doing now?

If they say Yes…

Simply hand them a little note pad, that you should be carrying with you at all times!! And ask them to write down their Name, Email and Phone Number!

Then say no more to them, besides Thanks!

Remember, you busy, you don’t have time to discuss or answer questions.  Later, call them and set an appointment.  Or better yet, have someone else call them and set the appointment for you!

That gives you a better Position.

As Always I am here to Help you Succeed!  Contact me if you have questions! Email

Dave Shirley